Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon Episode 2

There was a mix of serious and crack for this episode. Much to my surprise, rather than the main character Toori, today’s episode focused on a girl who we saw collapse in the front of the blue shop at the end of the last episode (only it was because she was hungry) who is serving as the Vice President. She originally comes from Mikawa, undergone an operation and lost her breasts as result to be a boy. Her mother was murdered and right now, despite her consideration about the future, she finds herself doubting her choices.
It appears that Masazumi knows of Toori since it looks like she’s referring to him. If so there’s an interesting contract between the two of them, as she is more serious while he is totally laid back.
Speaking of Toori, what the hell is he talking about not having fondled breasts before? He did is last episode! >_> Did they forget or something because it doesn’t add up, heck they even censored it for a second this time round as well.
Overall rather than development, this was a very informative episode that took its sweet time explaining the history and why there’s conflict in the first place. We also learned thanks to Masazumi’s past along with the end of the episode, that the Matsudai have androids replacing their soldiers and the so-called fireworks show they are going to host, is actually going to be an ambush. So by the next episode I would expect sooner or later the first wave of attacks and finally get interesting.


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