*Note: For Fate/Zero I won’t be writing summaries
The episode was real smooth, enjoyable and of course as my red flag had warned me, Ryuunosuke’s debut was going to be gruesome one way or another. At that point of time i kept the volume down lower and dimmed the screen a bit.
Rider is awesome. He is so awesome, that I love him! I love his attitude, I love how he’s so laid back and carefree about the whole situation and more interested in maps and conquering exploring the world. He and Waver are definitely going to be fun to watch work together. They make quite a unique combination!
Quite a few years has gone by considering Ilya has grown so much (and she’s sooooo adorable!). I really love the interactions between her and her father (Emiya Kiritsugu) they are so cute playing together and uff, he’s such a sweet father! It’s going to be sad to see them be separated in the future.
Saber now on the overhand, she didn’t get alot of time this episode but we learned that she holding a bit of a grudge, (not too much though) about Emiya’s reaction upon seeing her. Irisviel mentions how he might’ve been angry, not at her, but at the people who had entrusted her the responsibility as King Arthur when she was a little girl. We also learned that Saber and Emiya share a similar desire for the Holy Grail as Saber would like to save Britain, the country she let down as Emiya wishes to save the world.
As for Ryuunosuke and Caster. Holy shit man, both of them are twisted beings. Ryuunosuke is truely a terrifying being as he is fascinated and thrilled by Caster’s methods of killing. Moreover could care less about the Holy Grail and only desires to kill people which is totally fucked up. This man is insane and he’s matched with the perfect servant. Heck I wouldn’t be surprised in the future if Bluebeard (Caster had decided to call himself) killed him by his own hands. That’s just how messed up the two of them are.
However there was one thing that made me very confused this episode. Kirei to go and kill off Tohsaka and mentions Archer to Assassin. But… didn’t Kirei witness Kohsaka’s summoning as well???? So why did he say that Assassin may encounter a fight with Archer? Surely he would’ve known that Assasin is no match for Gilgamesh since he, besides Saber is considered on of the strongest servants of the group. What was his motive behind of getting rid of Assasin right off the bat? Moreover is Assassin gone for good because he sure looks like it. I mean god, he got pierced in the head.
I’m definitely suspicious of Kirei’s actions.


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