Bambi eyes no jutsu: Officially mastered by Taneshima.

Due to lack of anything to summarize, I’ll skip the summaries for this show, unless something really awesome happens. Literally, there’s not much to talk about
Ohh, I remember all these characters!!!
Alright, so according to what I’ve seen for the past 2 episodes, it doesn’t look like there will be much more plot than in the first season. Which is sad I guess :/ Then again, I do happen to like every single character they have shown us so far, and since the show is very entertaining I think it’s worth hoping that a bit more stuff will happen!
Anyways, on to the episode. We’re even more being reminded of who the characters are and how they act, which is quite cool because they’re funny as hell. Taneshima is still the cutest thing in the world, Yamada is still the spoiled brat that she is, and Sohma is still the evil sadistic person that I want him to be :).
Romance-wise, we didn’t see much in this episode, and to be honest I don’t know if the producers even intend to make any kind of progress in that direction before episode 10 -_-‘. Yes, the show is funny, however there really isn’t that much plot, and I would wish for Imari and Takanashi to get closer than what they are at the moment. Also, Takanashi seems to be completely oblivious to her, so for him to start liking her would already be a big step. That guy is so stupid…
Also, for those who haven’t seen it, the last scene right after the ending sequence was absolutely hilarious. Poor flat-chested Imari… At least she won’t have Yamada shoving her face in her boobs.
So, overall, how is this second season? From what I’ve seen, it’s exactly the same as the first one. Therefore, am I going to watch this? Yup. Am I going to blog it? Probably, I’ll try my best to keep it going, however the fact that there really isn’t much to talk about will make it a bit tough for me not to drop it for lack of things to say. I will try my best, however! *determined look*

Facial Expression of the Week Because I’ve noticed a few here and there and thought I should share the funny faces with you guys

*sobsob* Because crying normally is way too normal for japanese anime shows.

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  1. Eva

    YAY! Myst’s Anime Facial Expression of the week! Oh how i missed that! XD

    1. Myst

      I don’t think I’ll be able to find good ones like in Beelzebub, but I still found some 😛

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