Working!! Season 2 Episodes 11 + 12: More slow bullshit

I am terribly sorry for the delay, due to studying my ass off for exams I was too busy to write last week’s post. I AM NOW BACK!!! And for a while, since it is now Winter Break proud stance I dunno why I should be proud...

Yachiyo's in luuuuuurv! ^.^

Episode 10 consists of… Nothing… Just comedy bullcrap. And more comedy bullcrap. Oh, AND LOOK AT THAT!!! Sato indirectly confessed!!! dances around Is this finally the start of something interesting?!?!? (more…)

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Working!! Season 2 Episode 10: For being so shy, Inami is unusually violent o.o

First Yachiyo, then Inami... Sleeping girls are such cuties ^.^

It is a normal day today at the Wagnaria restaurant. The episode begins wonderfully as Inami punches the hell out of Takanashi once more, and as Yachiyo serves parfaits to the manager, we can only assume that this will be a normal episode… Not. WTF INAMI?!?! Learn not to hit the guy you like already, it’s been like a year now. (more…)


Working! Season 2 Episode 7: So Cute! And Funny! ^.^

This week, a new character is introduced!!! And to be honest, he’s quite a lot more adorable than Takanashi will ever be ahem oops, it just slipped my mind, that’s all.
Inami meets him on her way to work, in a back street somewhere where she might get raped by a molester rumored to be around here. It turns out that Yamada Kirio is looking for his sister, and he happens to look exactly like the Yamada living at the store! Golly gosh darn, I wonder who’s sister this is. Not only is he quite cute, he seems to have a kick for Inami, AND HE CAN BLOCK HER PUNCHES!! WHAAA!!

I never thought I'd see the day when someone blocks Inami's punch so gracefully.