First Yachiyo, then Inami... Sleeping girls are such cuties ^.^

It is a normal day today at the Wagnaria restaurant. The episode begins wonderfully as Inami punches the hell out of Takanashi once more, and as Yachiyo serves parfaits to the manager, we can only assume that this will be a normal episode… Not. WTF INAMI?!?! Learn not to hit the guy you like already, it’s been like a year now.
And thus, our androphobic maniac turns out to be on break at the same time as Sato, which causes problems since Inami doesn’t want to commit murders quite yet. I mean, it’d be fun if she turned into a psychotic serial killer… No?. In the end, no one dies and no punches are thrown it’s a miracle!, and afterwards Inami is talking to Takanashi about her exploit when SUDDENLY, the boxes behind her are about to fall!!!!
Could this be... a rape scene?! Oh wait, I'm getting out of track here.

Thus, Takanashi comes and SAVES THE DAY!!!

Or not…

The next day, Inami is so embarrassed that she forces herself to avoid Takanashi completely, because if she got too close she would punch him to death Do it, do it, do it! Ok no I’m kidding. Possibly. She then goes to sleep in the break room what’s with all the girls sleeping in there these days?, and meanwhile Takanashi comes by and decides that patting her heard will be the most romantic thing he can do. It’s about then that Inami decides to wake up, get all embarrassed, run away and not come to work for a whole week Oh, come on, he only patted your head… sighs.
After a bunch of useless scenes, we learn that Inami is still sick, and so Takanashi goes to visit her dressed up as a girl, gets her cell number, leaves, and thus ends the episode.

Takanashi... Why are you so cute?

Aww, I was deceived, i thought this episode would be better than this… Meh.
His face = Priceless. He looks like a kid who just saw Santa.

Although I admit the box thing was really cute, I think the aftermath of that was a bit over-exaggerated and really not that great. For Inami to get so embarrassed as to not go to work for a whole week after the incident was simply ridiculous, and just seemed like a pitiful excuse for Takanashi to go visit her at her house They should at least get her actually sick...
Then, not only was the excuse to go really pitiful, but Takanashi’s visit was also really short and boring. I mean, he was dressed as a girl, he was there for 30 seconds, he got her cell number and left! Isn’t that great. You failure.
That guy really is blind… It’s to a point where I wonder if this is ever going to get anywhere, I don’t even consider it a romance anymore between them, because Takanashi is so freaking blind that it doesn’t look like anything will happen until 4th season which will thankfully never happen, not that I’m taking this opportunity to remind you guys that Zero no Tsukaima is having a 4th season that should never air, but... This reminds me of how Kazehaya was acting towards Sawako in the second
You, my friend, are so utterly adorable. It's a fact.

season of Kimi ni Todoke, but worse. At least, that kid was aware of his feelings… But anyways, enough of me ranting about idiots.
On a side note, I managed to get myself 20 million different screencaps of Inami, because she was so cute all the damn time :). I may hate Takanashi more than anything else, I can’t help but find Inami to be the most adorable thing ever.
Alright, so basically I expected tons more from this week’s episode, it’s too bad almost nothing happened, let’s hope next week will go back to the goodness I found in episodes 7 through 9. I was really starting to enjoy this…

Facial Expression of the Week

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  1. TimesTicking

    I loved how Sato kept messing with Poplar XD
    Especially that sign he made for her lol

    1. Myst

      omg yes, that sign was amazing XD Also, I dunno if you saw the preview, he makes a Christmas tree out of her hair… That’s even more priceless.

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