OH RIN! I’M SO PROUD OF YOU! I’M SO HAPPY YOU WERE ABLE TO SAVE YOUR FRIEND AND THE OTHER CHILDREN, YOUR FATHER WOULD BE SO PROUD (AND PROBABLY SCOLD YOU FOREVER). Throughout this entire episode I was holding my breath so much because, my god – while I knew Rin was going to be alright, I was worried about what she was going to face and what may have happened to her friend. I was also thrilled to see Kariya again, and play his role of protecting Rin. Honestly I knew someone was going to show up, but I wasn’t certain who and a part of me was hoping that it would’ve been her dad. Either way, she was saved and  Kariya told her mother how he is in the war in Sakura’s stead in hopes to protect her. I’m not entirely sure how Rin’s mother feels towards him, I do wonder if she does harbor feelings but romantic emotions aside, we know for sure that she’s sad that Kariya plans to die in the end anyways (mainly because of the insects killing him).
Overall while it did not focus on any particular battles or significant plot developments, this was a great episode! We got to see Rin spoil Caster’s sacrifice plan and defeat Ryuunosuke. She’s quite lucky that Ryuunosuke is an inexperienced and can’t fight back against magic unless Caster gives him something. I was also pleased to be able to learn more about Rin’s childhood, something we never quite seen in Fate/Stay Night. Rin is naturally a good girl who is willing to take the risks for people she cares about. I love how she became friends with Kotone and never left her out even when she is gathered with her classmates.


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