Shakugan no Shana III Ep 9: Light My Fire


Rebecca and Khamsin continue their attack on the Seireiden, and Wilhelmina splits up with them to go search for Shana. The Tempest Hoof, Fecor takes some time to figure out how they got past their barrier and sends Puruson, a lion-headed Tomogara as well as Seeking Researcher Dantalion out to intercept the two Flame Haze while also using his unrestricted spell Magnesia to protect the Divine Gate.

Meanwhile Shana is having difficulty finding an opening to break free from the two Rinne watching over her, and even when Khamsin’s attacks break the ceiling above her and kills one Rinne, Shana barely manages to destroy the second one. In despair, she calls out for her Nietono no Shana, and Tenmoku Ikko appears to present it to her once again.


It was a very Margery-like moment when Shana tried to kill that maid Rinne, and I felt a lot of pity for her in that weakened state, hardly even able to chip off bits from the Rinne with a dagger. Still, it was an immensely badass moment when she screamed for the Nietono no Shana, and even more when Tenmoku Ikko appeared out of nowhere to answer her! So he’s not dead after all! Or rather, from how he disappeared again at the end, his spirit probably remains in the Nietono no Shana, and that’s where he ended up going after Shana first defeated him on the Tendou-kyu.

Speaking of the giant floating island, I never would have guessed both Tendou-kyu and the Seireiden were originally Hougu, and that both were made by the same guy, connected together no less! Someone should have seen it from their names, especially as the Tendou-kyu is translated as the Heaven’s Road Palace.

Okay, so time for more Rebecca and Khamsin blowing shit up, and man, they’re doing insane amounts of damage to the Seireiden considering that there’s just two of them. And all the other Tomogara just stand there and get blown up by Rebecca’s pink energy things, save for a seemingly important lion, Puruson, and Dantalion. The former had to be pretty strong to manage to knock down Khamsin’s golem with just a roar, except that’s pretty much all he does. Still never managed to beat that mecha-like arm rocket though, that finally brought light back into the Seireiden.

Wait, so all this time it wasn’t really the night sky, and it was just a big unrestricted spell that shut out all the daylight? …What a bunch of shut-ins. Though granted, dark/night = evil and all that, so yeah. Anyway, Dantalion hid himself like a coward as usual behind his giant hands and trap springboards, since I doubt both him or his Rinne have any sort of fighting power. In terms of the other Tomogara, I think Tenmoku Ikko might have killed Fecor, as he was easily able to cut through his unrestricted spell and he doesn’t really do anything else. The Trinity and Yuuji are still away, walking down that surrealist path so with Shana on the loose, and Sophie and her group of bigshot Flame Haze turning up next week, the Seireiden’s not gonna be standing around for much longer.


“Your blade, my master…”

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