Working!! II Episodes 3+4: Glad to see we're back on track :)

Oh Inami, why you so nice ^.^

Episode 3 starts off with a rage attack from me because Takanashi’s dumb head does not comprehend that Inami likes him, followed by a
Just looking at you tires me out.

slooooooow episode following the slooooow and veeeeeery tiring Izumi She tires me out just by the way she crawls on the floor, one of Takanashi’s sisters. She goes all depressed because Nazuna told her that Takanashi may have a girlfriend, which causes her to be even more depressing than usual which is pretty damn hard to beat and in the end, to go visit the outside world HO SHIT. That’s some intense stuff right there. She meets Inami, only to go back and wake up the next day with muscle aches back to her depressing state.
Mission infiltration: Nazuma has succeeded.

The story then shifts to Nazuna, Takanashi’s younger sister, as she helps Inami out on a day that Takanashi has to stay at home Due to his awkwardly depressing older sister. She seems so perfect Note the I put the “seem” in front of that, completely entrances Taneshima and Yamada, then comes back home and we witness more of the depressing sister.
I think I like Yamada's expressions a little too much. She's cute ^.^

Oh Sato, you're so badass. All the time.

The mood then shifts in episode 4 I hope so, I think last episode used up my last reserves of energy just looking at Izumi, as we meet a NEW CHARACTER!!! She decides to simply come out of the sewers, because all normal people do that Yeah. Right. Yachiyo right away believes that she is Otoo’s long-lost wife she actually is, only to turn around and see this lady back into the sewers because normal people do that. With this, Yochiya then feels super guilty for the rest of the episode, meanwhile Sato tries to comfort her and fails. With this, Inami learns of his unrequited love, follows Sato around out of pity, which causes Takanashi to feel all jealous inside all this because a girl came out of a sewer, that’s cool. Sato then forces Yachiyo to tell Otoo what happened, and in the end the romance goes on and Sato’s unrequited love may become not-so-unrequited!
Woot! 2 Great episodes! Something actually happened!

To be honest, I was wondering if this second season was going to get us anywhere, but I can finally see some improvements here and there. First off, I’m glad that Inami is finally back in the portrait, she seems to finally be more important than Taneshima, it’s about time! Moreover, the fact that Takanashi actually knows now that she has someone he likes, and the fact that it bothers him, was a lot of development :). I also enjoyed seeing Takanashi’s family again not that I had kinda forgotten about them but I did.
Talking about them, I have a theory that Nazuna is the devil incarnate. She’s toonice.
PSH. Creeper.

She has to be evil. I know we all suspect Izumi of being possessed, but I’m sure that in fact Nazuna is the one planning everything in the background. She has to. Because I said so.
Aside from that, I was happy when the Sato/Yochiya love was given a whole episode, it’s fun to see them grow and to see Yochiya slowly start liking him :). GO ROMANCE!!! YOU CAN DO IT!!! Hopefully before the end of this season...I also believe that Otoo’s wife is a total creeper. I mean, come on. Creeping out of the sewers like that Then again, she can’t compare to Izumi in terms of “creeping out”.

Anyways… In the end, I liked these last 2 episodes, I thought they were great! Funny, eventful, carefree, I can finally see why I liked this show in the first season now.

Facial Expression of the Week

Hmmm... I think he knows.

And here’s an extra one:
I don't think I've ever seen Sohma showing that many emotions before.

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