Kimi to Boku Ep 1 [Quick Glance]

Eva’s First Impression
¬ ▵¬ ….
I’m sorry, um, wasn’t this supposed to be comedy because this was incredibly dull. A bit early for a judgement, but I really can’t see myself enjoying this at all.
There was nothing, absolutely- okay maybe some, but not enough to actually make me want to watch more of this. The characters are pretty dull, there’s no energy really except for Kaname’s small bursts of moody fits. It was way too slow pacing for me and I actually had to restrain myself from skimming some parts just to see if anything exciting happens, and yet I really felt like I wasted 24 minutes of my time when I could’ve watched something better.
Possibility of Watching:  No
Possibility of Blogging:  No


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