Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon Ep 1 [First Impression]: Derpy Protagonist


Years into the future, the human population return to the Earth after having abandoned it once before, only to find out that merely a small section of it, Shinshu, is inhabitable. To fit the whole population, they duplicate Shinshu into a parallel plane, but that plane eventually collapses and the two are joined together again.

One day on Shinshu, a training exercise is set for new recruits, however they all end up failing, with none of them achieving the objective set by their sensei. The protagonist Toori Aoi then shows up, claiming that he will make a confession to Horizon, a dead girl whose 10th anniversary of death is the next day.

Vantage’s Impression

This show is a prime example of why we shouldn’t take anything at face value, with this first episode being completely different to anything I expected it to be. I thought I was in for a complicated apocalyptic saga and instead I got a complicated ecchi fantasy, meaning my WTF O_O face was on until the main guy walked in with an eroge, nearly 20mins late to the debut first episode of his own anime series.

Speaking of him, Lelouch Toori Aoi is one hell of a main protagonist. He’s even got that smirk and fancy tailcoat, being daring enough to grab a handful of sensei boobs without fearing the repercussions. Apparently, he doesn’t have any skills (apart from charisma) and was nicknamed the “impossible” because of it, but its almost guaranteed that he’ll bust out some kind of special power/move soon enough, most likely only unique to him. There were too many other characters for me to keep track of, other than the sensei the only ones I noticed was the curry guy and the silver-haired girl, the latter of which I’m suspecting is important to the story.

Cute female protagonist *tick*

I don’t really have a problem with the ecchi, (I sat through Yosuga no Sora) the character cast or the majority of the graphics, to me it’s more of which ballpark the story is gonna end up in. So far, without reading the synopsis beforehand it looks like a light-hearted fantasy, and that’s not really what I was looking for with this kind of premise. Obviously, it looks like things are properly kicking off next week, so I think I’ll risk it and take the gamble for this series.

Possibility of Watching: Yes

Possibility of Blogging: Probably

Eva’s Impression

Well this obviously looks like a perfect show for Oki to cover. The boobs, the mecha, the characters. The plot and all sounds interesting but the character designs kind of turn me off because it looks like half of them don’t have noses and a good sum of the ladies have oversized boobs. On top of that, the design is super weird. It makes their boobs look like water balloons sitting in a bucket. But overall the show look appealing enough despite the red flag warning of tons of censor/fanservice scenes in the future. I’m happy to see Sunrise have the mecha gear not in 3D  (in fact the designs of the gear are very similar to Infinite Stratos). I’m looking forward to the combat scenes and what to come in the future.

Now before I finish I wanted to mention few points about particular characters that caught my interest.

The main character is someone we didn’t meet till the VERY end of the episode. He’s a derpy pervert who loves eroge games. He’s pretty funny though, especially how oblivious he is to danger. I do wonder if we’re ever going to see him being serious.

The girl in the shop, we don’t know of her name yet, but I highly doubt she’s human. In fact, when we first saw her, who was singing at the time, I couldn’t help but joke about her being a vocaloid!

Possibility of Blogging: Most Likely (Definitely if Sharing)

Possibility of Watching: Yes



ZeroG’s Impression


What the hell did I just watched? Have someone decided to make an even more retarded version of Infinite Stratos? If it was the objective, I must say they did an excellent job.


Everything in this show blows my mind, but not in a good way. It is obviously a satire, but for some reason I feel like the show took itself seriously at some points. Maybe it is because I was expecting something more serious, but I just cannot follow this parody.  There was so many stuff happening in this episode, so many information just thrown at us in a non-casual way, it was hard to digest. The worst part was that the little part of information I could understand were all more ridiculous the one than the other.


There are so many characters and they are all ridiculous in their own way. There is not one of them that can be taken seriously. The girls have boobs that are rounder than a circle and bigger than their head. There are succubus, sorceress, jello and fallen angels that are training with human to be warriors in order to re-enact world history using magic and mecha. Just what the fuck is this shit. I don’t think I would be able to watch this for long if it continues this way. There is no way I’m blogging this, I will go crazy before the end of the season.


Possibility of Blogging: Nope

Possibility of Watching: Low


ZeroG signing off

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