Summer Anime 2011 Overview

It almost made me wonder why we’d even bother to do the Summer Anime 2011 Overview just because the season sucked so bad. Just warning you in advanced, you are likely to see about 3 – 7 shows mentioned in this entire post. This overview is solely focused on the shows that debuted in the Summer Season, not those that continued from the Spring Season through the summer, okay? This is precisely why you won’t be seeing any Tiger & Bunny, Steins;Gate and Hanasaku Iroha mentioned in here.

Overall thoughts

Eva: Well this was certainly a retarded season. So much for, “OH THIS LOOKS SO BADASS!” I ended up only watching 5/22 new shows from this season!!! HOW DEPRESSING IS THAT?! That’s like, the ultimate failure!
ZeroG: It was a great season for me, there were so many great shows. It was really unexpected for me since everything looked so boring when the season was announced. Boy was I surprised to find out that there were so many awesome anime for me to cover during the summer.
Oki: This season was shit plain and simple.
Vantage: I had trouble filling out some parts of this overview, which speaks volumes about how crap this season was. Memorable plot? *uhh…mind blank* Season favourite? *silence* Biggest fail? OMG I CAN DO THAT ONE~ It was quite sad really, seeing as I watched a good chunk of everything that aired.
Most Memorable Plot
Eva: Mawaru Penguindrum
ZeroG: Kamisama Dolls had the best story for this season for me, with Mawaru Penguindrum coming right after.
Oki: Boobs are life is a lot more memorable than WHO DID YOU PROMISE WHO DID YOU PROMISE WHO DID YOU PROMISE
Vantage: Steins;G *gets shot* Fine, fine, Mawaru Penguindrum
Crack of the Season
Eva: Uta no Prince-sama Maji Love 1000%
ZeroG: Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu Ni! was the funniest of the show I watched during the summer, but then again it is the purpose of the show.
Oki: Manyuu Hikenchou.
Vantage: Yuru Yuri had its moments of pure hilarity.
Biggest Fail
Eva: Blood C and Sacred Seven
ZeroG: I feel like Sacred Seven was even worse than Blood-C, yes Blood C was terrible, but it was so bad that I was able to continue watching it, Sacred Seven was just boring and I have no idea why that show even existed to begin with. I was unable to watch it after the 3rd episode or so.
Oki: Blood C BY FAR.
Vantage: Blood C~
Unexpected Favorite!

Eva: Uta no Prince-sama Maji Love 1000% (I knew the minute I saw who was directing Mawaru that I was going to like it, so it won’t count here)
ZeroG: I will have to go with No.6, I was not expecting much from that show, but it really did turn out awesome. 
Oki: None. I had no favorites. This season was terrible.
Vantage: Ikoku Meiro no Croisee. I never thought I’d enjoy it as much as I did.


The Most Loved
Eva: I’m debating between Tokiya (Utapri) and Shouma (Mawaru)
ZeroG: I will have to go with Nezumi or Safu from No.6, Safu was just the perfect waifu and Nezumi was an awesome character all around.
Oki: None.
Vantage: Yune from the French show Ikoku Meiro no Croisee
Biggest Exhibitionist
Eva: Probably Ren (Utapri)
ZeroG: Every single characters in Manyuu Hikenchou
Oki: CLAMP, for thinking Blood C would be good.
Vantage: Everyone that had boobs in Manyuu Hikenchou.
Most Insane
Eva: Shining Saotome (Utapri)
ZeroG: Mad Scientist Hououin Kyoma! I would have to say that Mahiru from Kamisama Dolls is quite the crazy bitch.
Vantage: Kyouko from Yuru Yuri
Most Hated
Eva: Hate…. hate… since I avoided shows that I didn’t like, I-
ZeroG: I hate Saya from Blood-C, she is denser than a stone wall and she is just beyond annoying.
Oki: blood C. EXTREMELY SO.
Vantage: Umm…that cat from Nyanpire? Yeah, that was retarded. I bet that anime was Twilight’s fault. Hate Twilight~
Season Favourite Bloggers, answer characters please, not shows

Eva: Sanetoshi, he was freaking amazing!

ZeroG: Yune was the cutest, Safu was the best, but in the end Nezumi is my favorite character from this season.
Oki: None because I didn’t see Utaprince or Mawaru. 😐
Vantage: Wow this was hard Um…Yune from the French Show?

Animation Production/Techniques

Best OP
Eva: Mawaru Penguindrum
ZeroG: Kamisama Dolls opening is simply amazing and makes me dance every time.
Oki: Blood C. It is literally the only thing I liked about it at all.
Vantage: Dantalian no Shoka’s OP was beautiful. Pretty much the only repetition in the series I didn’t mind.
Best ED
Eva: Going with Uta no Prince-sama Maji Love 1000% since it’s so fabulous! XD
ZeroG: Dantalian No Shoka’s ED is so creepy I can watch it in loops for hours, before I crap my pants.
Oki: I hate endings.
Vantage: Tied between BakaTest and The French Show, even though their EDs are nothing alike.
Best OST
Eva: By far, without a doubt, Uta no Prince-sama Maji Love 1000%
ZeroG: I think Kamisama Dolls wins this one for me.
Oki: None.
Vantage: Considering what type of show it was, I liked Yuru Yuri’s music (:
Most Stunning Animation
Eva: Mawaru Penguindrum
ZeroG: Maybe not as much the animation but the art itself, I simply love Dantalian No Shoka’s art.
Oki: None because all the animation in blood C was cut off by huge  black marks and in Manyuu Hikenchou it was cut off by huge white marks.
Vantage: BakaTest’s animation was pretty good all round.


Recommendation of the Season
Top 3
Eva: Shesh, this is too easy to choose.
1. Mawaru Penguindrum

2. Uta no Prince-sama Maji Love 1000%

3. Mayo Chiki or Ikoku Meiro no Croisee
1. Kamisama Dolls
2. Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu Ni!
3. Kamisama no Memo-chou and No.6 tied
1.  None
2. None
3.  None.

1. Mawaru Penguindrum (assuming the rest of it will be awesome)
2. Ikoku Meiro no Croisee
3. Usagi Drop

Blogger’s Choice of the Season:



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0 thoughts on “Summer Anime 2011 Overview

  1. This seems to be the shortest overview season I have ever seen.
    Most of the things Oki talked about was Blood-C (LOL)
    Dantalians no Shoka ED scares the shit out of me every time.
    Mawaru Penguindrum all the way!!!

    1. Oki only watched Blood C this season. XD; I couldn’t watch Dantalians no Shoka because I took a brief look at the manga and HELL I FREAKED OUT. If I can’t read the manga, there’s NO WAY I could watch anime. That ED too, Zero showed it to me and I was like, “ARE YOU TRYING TO GIVE ME NIGHTMARES?!”
      And thus, PENGUINS FTW!

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