Last Exile: Ginyoku no Fam Episode 1 [Quick Glance]

First Impression:
I actually liked this. I wasn’t too pleased about the digital animation and special effects since they weren’t very appealing and I’ve seen better, but the characters. I love them. Dio and Fam are HILARIOUS, they are very fun to watch.
Fam debuted herself quite uniquely. Stripping and then sleep walking right off the ship and would’ve fallen to her death if it weren’t for the rope and the bell. She has a bashful personality and is in charged of coordinating their attacks and strategies. Dio is someone who is very carefree and doesn’t seem to take many things seriously- or so it looks.
Liliana and her relationship with Luscinia Hafez who is attacking them, unfortunitely doesn’t exactly spark my interest. If they got this forbidden love thing going on, then that’ll catch my attention, but right- I don’t that happening due to the current circumstances.
But despite this, it’s not something I would want to blog. The plot right now doesn’t exactly catch my attention and I’m not a fan of the animation, it’s really the characters.
Possibility of watching: Guaranteed
Possibility of Blogging: No 



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