Phi Brain episode 3: Let’s blow up a town for shit and giggles

A new genius appears and he is a weird one.

This show is getting really silly quite fast. The characters are just arriving out of nowhere all the time and it makes things a little cheesy. Edison is a genius that was at the school for quite some times, he is a genius inventor and he walks on some robotic Segway he made, but for some reason it is the first time Daimon ever heard or saw him. How can you possibly miss someone like him? It just feel like Daimon just arrived at the school even if it has been ages since he’s been there.

that kid is scary

Also we had a second puzzle that had no solution and where the creator wanted to kill everyone anyway, I really fear that things will get repetitive real fast in this show. The episode was not as fun as previous ones, maybe it is because I watched Guilty Crown right before, but I was not really entertained with Phi Brain this week. The new character was absolutely pointless and didn’t bring anything to do show. At least Galileo was a cocky competitor, now Edison is just a little kid that put wristbands on everyone.

The puzzle was not even that hard either, it was only made difficult because Daimon was unable to think. Even Galileo was worthless this episode and was beaten by a dumb girl at solving the puzzle. The puzzle was just way too dramatic for me to take it seriously. It took the guy 35 years to build the puzzle and the solution was so easy to figure out it was a joke at best. But why did the Giver even bother to make a puzzle if the only thing he wanted was to blow the damn thing? Why would he not just blow up everything before even asking to solve the puzzle. The Giver would have died in the explosion, so he would have no consequence to face if he did so, the story just made no sense what so ever.

When a show objective is to make you think logically and solve problem, it is increasingly important that there are no huge logical plot-hole in the show. If you don’t want to make the effort to make an intelligent show, then don’t give me puzzle for me to solve and think, because when I start thinking I realize how much the show sucks. The show is not terrible enough to be funny, but it is not good enough for me to actually enjoy it just yet. Who knows, maybe we will see something change in the near future and it will get better, but from the way things are going, I can only guess that things will only get worse over time. I don’t really see how the show could stop being so meh.


I’ll continue to cover it no matter how bad it gets, because I always finish what I start.


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