Naruto Shippuden Episodes 233 + 234: The King you must protect


Naruto and the crew make a pit stop on land, where they encounter a giant red-haired man with a club claiming to be the Uzumaki Naruto, who steals and robs the island occupants of what little possession they have. a man named Iggy turns up to apprehend him but there’s more than meets the eye about these two.

Back in Konoha, everyone becomes increasingly annoyed at Konohamaru and Co consistently requesting to participate in the front lines of the war. I bet if they read the current Naruto manga they’d not want to be part of the war AT ALL.


I’m sure I voiced my astonishment that random remote islands knew of Naruto’s victory over Nagato quite a while ago, but now people are actually TRYING to mimic him? Apart from the complete difference in strength, there’s also the matter of signature jutsu, verbal dattebayo tic, as well as the fact that he doesn’t carry around a club and have bright red hair. Kushina was a redhead though, but that’s not the point.

So Naruto turns up on the island where there’s another Naruto running around, and the imposter is driving his reputation down by stealing petty things from villagers and farmers, aided by his friend Iggy, who helps him with the crimes by claiming to be an officer and “arresting” Banna, which is the imposters real name. From when the mercenaries turned up and Banana Banna (sorry, couldn’t resist) sacrificed himself for Iggy, it was pretty clear this would be an episode that reinforced the friend message that this show has always relayed. The only other interesting thing was Naruto’s remark as he boarded his ship, that Sasuke and himself would be as good friends someday. Well, he didn’t actually SAY Sasuke, but it was obvious that’s who he meant. Okay, moving swiftly on~

Episode 234 – ooo, consecutive numbers! I’ll put a seven-ate-nine joke when we get to Ep 789. We won’t though xD Anyway, it was straight back to Konoha for this week, this time centered around Konohamaru, who has obviously learnt nothing from his encounter with Pain and wants to jump straight to the front lines of the bloody ninja war. I know I’ve said this before, but war isn’t funny when it’s real, and people do die, with no saves or restarts. Yup, someone’s been playing too much Call of Duty. That was probably why Tsunade, Sakura and Shikamaru got pissed when Konohamaru asked to join the front lines, claiming that he beat Pain, or rather, one of his already worn-down weaker bodies with a one-off unique jutsu.

Yeah and I felt they were really running out of ideas to animate three genins WALKING.

That same one-off Rasengan is then used by Konohamaru after he foolishly challenged Temari (whose new look is really hot), with the resulting crater being extremely OP for Konohamaru, as was his use of Tajuu Kage Bunshin no Jutsu. There’s just no way he has that much chakra in the first place, for a fresh genin he shouldn’t even be able to do a normal Kage Bunshin AT ALL. Another thing that puzzles me – why doesn’t he ever trip over his nooby scarf?

I did like the reminder of the King that Asuma told Shikamaru to protect before he died – which is the next generation, the children and unborn of Konoha. Hopefully now Konohamaru will come to his senses and stop trying to involve himself with the war, Kabuto and Tobi.

And thus another episode of Naruto ends with us none the wiser about when this hell will end.

Hey, why are you still watching the fillers?

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