Phi Brain episode 1: [First Impression]

Kaito has a new device that push leads him into troublesome puzzle, but the rewards of the puzzle are worth the risk.


Hey, that looks like a show I could enjoy watching. It doesn’t seem like anything that I would drool over, but I sure was entertained with this first episode. The characters look fun and I love the theme of puzzle for a show.


The Puzzle themselves are a little cheesy and Kaito is a bit too fast to make thing even remotely believable, but a little cheesiness never killed anyone. Even if the puzzle are not meant to be solved by the audience, I think this could be just a good action show. There are really no way for the audience to solve the puzzle since most of the time in the episode they were shown for only a fraction of seconds. I can’t solve a Sudoku under 5 minutes no matter how easy it is. But now for some reason I want to do one. [15 minutes later] Well that was fun. Now what is there to notice about this show.


The art and animation are good, I liked the style overall, especially when he got his super power, Kaito looked really cool. The Opening and The Ending are good, but it bugged me a little that there were the lyric “Open the Gate” in the intro, just like in Steins; Gate , for some reason I feel like only Steins; Gate can use those 3 words and that everyone else who try to use it are rip off. But if I disregard those 3 words I really liked the opening.

The characters we have not all met just yet, but I like a cocky main character, this means the guy can be a real jerk from time to time and I like jerks. It has just been one episode, but no one pissed me off just yet, which is a good thing.


Not sure if we’ll have some ecchi here and there in this show, but with the way Nonoha kicks Kaito I can see panty shots in the near future. I’m sure ecchi will never be the main focus of the show, but it is always fun to see some here and there from time to time.

The only thing I’m not sure just yet for this show is the story, it seems the Kaito will go in an epic journey to solve puzzle until he reach the Divine Puzzle, but we’ll have to see just how solid this story is and if it is not just an excuses for a contentless show.


Overall I think I will like this show, I will cover it.



Possibility of Watching: Yes

Possibility of Blogging: Yes



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