Sherry and Team 5Ds review what they know about the mystery revolving Ghost and Yliaster.

Alrighty, back with 5Ds, sorry about putting this series on hold for a few weeks, I just needed a little break before resuming the 3x week posting schedule again!
This episode was kind of a recap in a way, but instead it played an important role of the characters sharing clues and questioning what Yliaster is after. Rua turns out to have quite a detailed memory as he pointed out a lot of important informations.
Bruno on the other hand is going insane. First he starts turning like, deadly pale, I mean LOOK at him! I was like, “HOLY SHIT BRUNO!” and then he goes off to the beach where he was first found and suddenly his eyes starts glowing again and he’s going on about whether the man in the white cloak whom he met at the factory had known him, and saying how he thinks he has been given a mission to complete and then starts seeing numbers, so more than ever I’m questioning whether or not, Bruno is actually human.
And then we hear about how Yeager suddenly disappeared from the Headquarters and was the only one who has met the new three directors. I don’t blame him for hiding because Yliaster is DANGEROUS.
Anyways, by the end of the episode, Team 5Ds – or more accurately, Crow, Jack and Yusei went to the Stadium to watch Team Unicorn duel against Team Catastrophe, only to see that both Jean and Andore wounded up in a severe crash and the only one left standing is Breo, who’s in great shock.
In the preview, we’re shown that Team 5Ds, will be duelling Team Catastrophe with Crow included, but it makes me wonder, how the hell does that work? Lets say Team Unicorn had won, would’t that mean… ugh either way we’ll figure it later.


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