Bleach 345: Helpless Hero

Everyone around Ichigo is being targeted by someone, but Ichigo slowly realize that even though he is the target, he is unable to defend his friends from the terrible threat that roam around them.

I like this arc up to now, It was so long since we saw Ichigo as someone so powerless. He finally feels the same way everyone around him felt all this time, he is helpless and cannot do  anything to protect his friend, his family or even himself. This is what will make this arc interesting I think, everyone do desperate things when they are desperate for power. I feel like Ichigo might fall to the dark side of things in order to regain the power he needs to be useful. I love show about anti-hero, so if Ichigo turns against his friends and become evil, I think I will geek all over my keyboard.

The thing that bugged me a little this episode was that Inoue went all the way to the hospital to see Ishida, but when she got there she did not use her healing abilities to heal him, instead she just stood there and watched him suffer. Her healing power can regenerate anyone from anything, so it is really weird that she would not use her power and that no one even thought about asking her to do so. I guess it is a little fun to see Ishida all patched up and stuck in a bed, he is such a douche most of the time. But since he was the only one with Karin to hunt the hollow of the town, it would be a good idea to fix him up as soon as possible, since otherwise the girl will have to do them all alone and she is not the best soulreaper there is, she is a mere human after all.

But now Ichigo is going to join Xcution and I am sure he will have an unpleasant surprise when he will find out that they are the one who tried to kill his friends. But then again who knows, maybe he will never find out or find out only too late. I have no clue who those Xcution guys are, but they sure look like bad fellows. I mean  when some of your members have eye patch and dress like punks, you know that they are not a charity group.


Construction site uses Hyper Beam!

Still, it might be fun to see  just how powerful Ichigo can get with the Xcution power, he was a pretty strong shinigami, so if those petty human can become strong enough to defeat Ishida, Ichigo might be able to be even stronger than any of them…easily.


Anyway, the episode was fun, I love seeing the despair and look of desperation in Ichigo’s eye, but now I want to see just how crazy will things get.


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