C³ Episode 8: Killing Organ

Apologies if this was a bit short – it was supposed to be a double, but I felt Ep 9 deserved its own post.


Fear, Konoha and Kirika lure Sovereignty out by threatening to kill Shiraho, and Haruaki is forced to go along with their plan. After managing to call out all parts of the Killing Organ curse, Haruaki dispels the curse and Sovereignty and Shiraho are able to finally embrace. Everyone returns to school and Shiraho becomes a normal student again, with Sovereignty working in the principal’s office in a maid outfit.


Compared to what happened here, everyone’s encounter and battle against Sovereignty in past episodes were nowhere close to being anywhere as dramatic as the battle scene in this week’s ep, with a lot of screaming and shouting to back it up. That mostly came from the real Shiraho, who understood the full effects of the Killing Organ, yet still loved Sovereignty so much she was willing to hug her and inevitably get spiked. I’m not sure of the extent of  Sovereignty’s love, with a curse like that there must have been loads of other people prior to Shiraho, but did Sovereignty love them all? Shiraho’s love I’m sure was 100% genuine, those screams were really heart-wrenching as the Fear in crazy loli mode was about to kill Sovereignty, who was strung up with a bunch of blades sticking out of…him/her.

“Please, don’t kill Sovereignty! Please, don’t kill him…not Sovereignty, please…I’ll do anything. Anything. Just please…stop. Stop, I’m begging you…you can kill me instead!” – Shiraho

A few minutes later, literally everyone is left with their WTF-face on, as the ep switches almost instantly from all that drama back to that slice-of-life school setting again. I mean, WTF? Also, I really wish Sovereignty became more gender-orientated, we had a bishounen for the first half then a klutzy airhead for the second bit, I would prefer the latter anyday, and for Shiraho I guess some yuri wouldn’t be too bad either. Oh and the best part of the ep was easily the cumshot…err, accidental slip that ended up with girl Sovereignty on the floor with completely innocent white stuff all over her face and body. Yeah…

Oh look another one, this time from the ending eyecatch.

I think it’s about time I get used to the quick transitions between genres. Even after 8 eps, mind = blown.

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