This episode was literally all about action since there was very little discussion. The war has begun and the destructive trio have now arrived to the Seireiden. I’m certain Khamsin and Rebecca will have a blast destroying things while Wilhelmina, (wherever she is) heads out to search for Shana, who will also be taking action.
The most shocking part of all is seeing this guy’s face again: Tenmoku Ikko!

I thought he was dead!!!!!!! With him back in the picture, I’m almost certain that Shana will end up encountering him and forced to fight a rematch (or maybe he might help her out??? Depending whether he’s at Tendoukyuu or Seireiden – though since he died at Tendoukyuu it’s more likely that’s where he is!), possibly without her powers or any support from Alastor. Perhaps  there will be a twist of her awakening a power within her with Alastor’s presence. The key of accepting her two halves as Shana / Flame Haze and becoming whole may play a roll in a power upgrade be it on her own or with Alastor because despite the fact she was facing an emotional rollar-coaster about Yuuji’s situation, she definitely wasn’t strong enough to put up a fight.
I do wonder what kind of role Tendoukyuu will be playing. It was interesting to see that it had actually sunk underwater and became Atlantis then suddenly back up in the air again.
The Divine Gates is a very unique, deformed dimension. It actually made me dizzy watching them walk through it.
I was surprised they didn’t leave any reforces back in the Seireiden in the first place and thanks to Vast’s institution they were able to draw some back… but we don’t exactly know just how strong they are since right now, from what we’re seeing…
It’s mostly weaklings.
Despite very the few lines this episode, we learned about another new organization of Four Gods of Earth to supervise the balance of the worlds and make sure everything functions properly. So right now, until Sairei no Hebi reveals his plans to his opponents the four priests will remain on neutral grounds.

I can’t be the only one who started playing the Sailor Moon theme in my head the minute Wilhelmina stood there.


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