Oh man, I’ve been holding my breath throughout the entire episode and covering my eyes whenever Caster and the children appeared. *SHUDDERS* I even had chills run down my spine. I was kind of expecting the whole gang to show up this episode, but right now we only see Lancer working together with Saber which I absolutely love because whenever Servants team up it’s always twice as badass!
I don’t think Maiya is actually going to get Irisviel very far. In fact, I think  Irisviel is going to end up turning around because she wants to protect Kiritsugu so badly.
Speaking of Kiritsugu, we got to see a whole different side of him. This time, it was him being extremely vulnerable. He wants to take Irisvie and just run away from the whole thing and somehow be reunited with their daughter back at the castle. He also ended up annoying Saber once again which I think will heavily influence their teamwork when something happens to  Irisviel and make things difficult. On top of that, it’s  Irisviel who’s bonding with Saber, not Kiritsuguwho is her actual master, so that complicates things.
Anyways Kayneth being alive is no surprise. The metallic-like… err…. blob was something I wasn’t too sure whose it belonged to at first. (In fact I thought it was one of Caster’s traps, but then again- his and his master preference is woman and children.) The thing has prove to be damn handy and deflects ‘ordinary’ bullets, but now Kiritsugu is using that unique pistol of his which I’m pretty damn sure has the bullet to break through. If not, I’m going to bet that Irisviel is going to be the one to step in to prevent him from being killed since he can’t exactly, or so it seems- use too much magic and the technique he’s doing right now to conceal his position is very overwhelming for his body.
Next week shit will probably blow up and stuff since Gilgamesh will be debuting to finish everyone off in one go, but I’m pretty confident that things will not go according to plan because of Gilgamesh’s dislike towards Tohsaka and he probably (using his almighty brain) wants to avoid Tohsaka re-gaining a command seal. The sooner he uses them up, the better for Gilgamesh.


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