I will be covering this week Fate/Zero episode since Eva has some problem with her hands, I suspect an extensive amount of time watching porn on the internet to be the cause of that. Regardless, you are stuck with me for this week.


Now in more relevant news, holy shit this episode was great.


That's one way to kill someone I guess

I never imagined that people would start dying right away. Archibal is such an asshole and uninteresting character that I am not surprised he is the first one to be gone. But has I say that, we still have no confirmation that he is actually dead. Now here is what is interesting, in the preview for the next week episode, we hear Lancer talk. Meaning that lancer is still alive. This could mean that  Archibal is still alive. But what I believe, is that Sola-Ui,  Archibal’s assistant, has somehow escaped the building. After all when the hotel employee asked for people’s name to cross on the list, only Archibal’s name was left unchecked. Meaning that it is quite possible that she did indeed escape. If she did, she was lending mana to  Archibal for the summoning of their champion and therefore it is possible that while  Archibal had the command seal, she was the one actually using her mana to summon Lancer. Therefore Lancer would be a master-less Champion, either that or Sola-Ui would assume control.


If your name is not on that list, it means no one likes you...sorry to break it to you

This is absolutely thrilling, if I am right that is. Otherwise  Archibal might just have survived because he is a badass and exploding building got nothing on him.One thing is certain,Lancer is still around and since he cannot survive without a master, it means either one of them is still alive or both.


You see everyone? that is what happen to someone who has too much time on their hands and doesn't spend it masturbating or browsing the web brainlessly

How awesome are Kiritsugu and Kirei? They are the only master I really care about as of right now, one is known to be a mercenary, but he is in fact an idealist and a visionary, while the other is known to be a priest while in fact in believes in nothing and cares for nothing. Kiritsugu just blew up a 20+ stories high hotel to kill a single man. Ever wondered what would happen if someone brought C4 to a wizard fight? Well there you go, the more you know. And that priest ain’t so shabby either, he brought knife’s to a gun fight and he won since he is a ninja priest for some reason. Jack-of-all trade master of none, that guy is scaring the shit out of me and I love it.



But now my favourite Hero is having some problem making friend it seems. My dear sorcerer is being targeted by everyone as a common enemy. I don’t see why, he is the most awesome of them all, murdering children and women is the most fun past time there is ! He knows how to be scary and creepy and that is why I don’t want him to be destroyed just yet. But at the same time if everyone start beating on him, it will give us a great occasion to see just how powerful he is and how cruel he can become. I feel so sad for him, because in the end he is just an ugly kid who got bullied too much in school and now he is taking revenge by murdering hundreds of innocents.


Anyway, this show is the greatest of the season by far and it was a pleasure doing a review, now let’s hope the end won’t be too much of a cliffhanger, since I have no idea how far away season 2 will be.


ZeroG signing off