Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai Episodes 4, 5 and 6: Yamato, I though you were cute… Stop deceiving me!

You know, despite the first disappointment that hit me, this show isn’t too bad for an ecchi that has a ridiculous lack of plot. At least it’s funny. Very, very, very funny Although I am extremely glad this is censored though.

You know you're a pervert when...

Also, sorry I’m late. Very very very late. I happen to have died under a pile of work over the last 3 weeks and could only come out of it recently, hence why I’m doing a triple-post -_-‘.
Episode 4
Well, since last episode we saw Miyako’s body more than enough, she shouldn’t show up again for-

*facepalm* Nevermind.

Alright, so taking this situation aside although those boxers look awkwardly comfy, this time around we get to learn a bit more about Christiane Friedrich, the foreigner who happens to love honourable things. That is, despite that, she ends up naked in front of Yamato, and thus we learn that, not only does Christiane have some serious feelings for Yamato that’s not really anything new though, we also learn of Yamato’s very, very, very perverted side, as he tries desperately to look at Chris’ body while he’s being pinned to the ground. Thus follows an awesome act of persuasion to try and tell her that “being naked in front of boys is completely honourable and PERFECTLY NORMAL in Japan!!” Obviously, even after a lot of quite strong arguments, Chris kicks his ass and tells him that he’s nothing but a perv *nod* I’m proud of you, Chris.
The rest of the episode is dedicated to Kazuko, the happy-go-lucky character of the series there’s always one. This one though doesn’t seem to love Yamato quite yet As I said, not yet, however she has a serious sister complex and seems to be completely in love and full of admiration for Momoyo, Yamato’s crush I still don’t get the reason for that crush, though...
…Oh, and we also learn that Momoyo’s a lesbian.

Great, Yamato’s a pervert. And here I thought he was super innocent and cute looking :(. After all the Miyako incidents, I didn’t think he was that kind of a guy, but apparently he is with about every girl except for Miyako. This kinda destroys the personality the producers gave him though. Considering he didn’t react at all when seeing naked bodies before this episode, it would mean that suddenly he has this huge personality change and starts enjoying naked bodies. Also, he rejects Miyako so much despite liking naked bodies so much… This is suspicious. Although I have to admit,  that was quite an amazing lie to come up with in the span of a few seconds, while being pinned to the ground, all in order for Yamato to actually see Chris’ body. I found that scene to be quite hilarious, actually.


To be honest, this episode was quite deceiving in many ways because it proved that the ecchi from last episode was there to stay, however it was still absolutely hilarious. I wouldn’t go so far as to say this show’s really good, but it does have decency despite the over-exaggerated ecchi and the 20 million naked body shots that you get to see. But you know, that’s just details.
…Alright, on to the next episode.
Episode 5
MIYAKO INVADES YAMATO’S LIFE ONCE MORE!!!!! K, I’m getting sick of seeing this every episode skip.
This episode looks like a pretty normal one, without any boobies and such, as Fushikawa Kokoro, the rich bitch noble lady who got spanked during the Kawakami battle, tries to get revenge on Yamato during the whole episode. She ends up falling in love with him OH MY!! WHAT A SURPRISE! and afterwards kicks his ass in a duel because Yamato can’t fight for his life Aww, I so expected him to win though, he wass FIGHTING FOR HIS CAUSE!! Even though it was only for a sandwich...

Haha, you finally shut up. I don't care about your crying. Don't look at me like that.

Oh my god this was so funny! This show is retarded. Absolutely. But the humour is quite awesome indeed.
So, looks like we’re back on with the epic ridiculeness that surrounded the first episode! Indeed, this time, Kokoro’s determination to try and make Yamato angry, and then her duel with him where everything becomes so serious over a dirty bento was completely ridiculous and amazing. I loved it. The only thing I would say that I found really annoying was probably Kokoro’s voice, for the simple reason that she would never, ever, EVER shut up. I swear I think my ears were about to explode at some point, seriously. Why don’t you just shut up already and be embarrassed like any tsundere would be after a while, do anything, just SHUT UP…
Also, in the end, it looks like Yamato is not only a pervert, but he’s also a weakling who keeps getting his ass kicked. I swear, as the episodes go on this guy seems to be more and more of a loser. And here his cute face was one of the things that made me tolerate the boobs a little more… –-‘.
Seriously, I liked this episode. There were no boobies, and it was funny :D. Now let’s go to the next episode and hope that I won’t want to carry around a needle to pierce all those boobies.
Episode 6
Oh, won’t you look at that. This episode starts exactly the same as the rest. The end. It was funny when Miyako changed Yamato’s porn and put her face on it, but that’s old news, let’s not overuse it –
Anyways, that aside, this time the team decides to build a PALANQUIN!! (Which is basically a shrine/carriage carried by 4 people, in case you didn’t know). LET’S DO IT!!Uhh……… Actually…… Let’s not. Yeah, I kinda uh… changed my mind…
WTF?!?!?!?! In case you were wondering, this is not a mushroom WHYYYY MUST IT HAVE TO BE A DICK AGAIN?!?! WHY MORE PERVERTED SHIT?! Table flip AHHHHHHHHH!!!!
…Ok. I’m fine. I really am…. Maybe. Let’s keep going. Ohh, NOW I look up what the Kanamara festival is all about… I knew I had false hopes for this show...
The rest of the episode ensues… As we talk about dicks… And blowjobs… And penises being bitten off… AND THEN IT’S TIME FOR AN EPIC DUEL!!! Between 2 dicks… What… the fuck…


At the end, however, we get to witness a nice conversation with much plot into it, this time it barely involves any ecchi wow, I’m surprised.
Seriously, I don’t even know why I’m taking care of this show. This should be reserved to Zero, he’s usually the one who takes care of that shit. Ugh. Alright, so after the boobies, this is now about dicks. Though, ladies, we don’t get that much eye candy. We doget candy, but they happen to be dicks. So instead, I suggest we should do like Momoyo… JUST BITE THEM OFF!!! CRUNCH ‘EM, DESTROY ‘EM- Oh man, I think I’m getting a little bit too sadistic.


This show is starting to make me rage a bit too much I think. I do admit that it’s really funny, but the fanservice and the perverted jokes just reach a whole new level in this. Heck, I thought Oretachi ni Tsubasa wa Nai was retarded, until this show came out O_o.

This guy's the only one who makes me happy now 😀 Bye Yamato, I found another person to fangirl over!

Also, I was really surprised about the plot point at the end of this episode. Looks like Yamato’s father has a big part in it, moreover there seems to be this huge storyline in the background involving a bunch of shady people wearing shady clothing. It sounds super shady, especially since I remember all the ninjas at the start of the season, too, and I think they’re closely related to the small amount of plot that exists. It’s got me curious…

Shady people... Why you so shady?

Anyways, I guess that’s it… Now that I’m halfway there, I might as well keep blogging this, looks like I’ll always have enough to say about this show even if it’s only rage fits, moreover the censorship in this show makes it a lot more tolerable so I might as well keep it going I think seeing titties and more titties and naked bodies and dicks would make me rage a bit too much. See you next week~

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2 Responses

  1. TimesTicking says:

    Ep 6 was just a wtf moments.
    I kinda wish they would put more plot into the story and less fillers >.<

    • Myst says:

      Yeah really, episode 6 threw me off completely O_o. And I also wish there could be less fillers and mostly less fanservice, I mean this show started out really well, too. But unfortunately I doubt we’ll get much before the end of it :/.

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