Mawaru Penguindrum Ep 17: And thus the War Begins

Shit, (god my hands hurt, but this needs to be done, I can’t see myself doing a podcast either!) I KNEW TABUKI WOULD BE BAD NEWS!  SHIT SHIT SHIT, and my god, a war is about to begin…
Both Tabuki and Yuri continue to hold a grudge against the Takakura family after what they had done to Momoka and now Himari is the target because everyone knows how much she means to her brothers. To part that frustrates me the most, is how Tabuki was going on how ‘it’s not their fault’ to Yuri and then in the end, bam! He wants revenge.
In that case, instead of Yuri having the ‘pleasure’ of doing so, Tubaki wants to be the one to achieve having revenge.
I’m also horrified by the Sanetoshi’s little bunnies whom I identify as his minions. They claim that Himari needs to be punished for not being there on time to take her medication. Now it’s a race against time to protect Himari’s life, and it’s up to both Ringo and her to make sure she stays alive. There’s only one in a million chances of Kanba and Shouma finding them without being told where they are location.
Now last part since I’m at my limit:
The penguin-hat Goddess mentioned a crucial hint. The penguin drum is actually…
Well we aren’t told, but because she tackled Kanba, but I’m assuming either:
A) His Soul
B) His Emotions/Feelings towards Himari
C) Something else and he’s the only one who knows what it is
On the extra note, all of my entries have been and will continue to be put on hold because I am currently dealing with warning signs of  Carpal Tunnel Syndrome again (the last time I ran into this problem was back in July, so I know I need to give myself at least  a week or 2 off if necessary). I have considered doing Podcasts so that I wouldn’t fall behind, but we’ll see if I’m up to that since I’m not good at it.


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  1. Damn you Tabuki…. Ima curse you…
    Every time I watch this I keep getting distracted by the penguins XD

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