Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi S2 episode 5: Forget about that Girl

Unforeseen problem appears when Ritsu’s fiancé comes back from France to meet him.

I loved this episode, finally things are moving forward, finally Ritsu acted on his feeling and stopped his head for a moment. We saw Ritsu’s fiancé and she sure is beautiful. If Ritsu cannot fall in love for such a beautiful and kind women, it is clear that it means he is gay. He should not have any more doubts anymore. I have trouble understanding how he can still be so shy about his emotions for Takano. He doesn’t want to admit his love for him, but he cannot imagine losing Takano to anyone else. Here is an hint for you Ritsu, when there is someone in your life that you feel bad whenever they are with someone else, when there is someone around you that you feel you are betraying when you are thinking about someone else and when there is someone that you simply can’t disregard his opinion of you, it means that you are in love with that special someone.


Exhibitionist, doing it in front of everyone pfft

It doesn’t matter if you are the same sex, it doesn’t matter if he is your boss, it doesn’t matter if you dated him once before and it didn’t work. All that matters is that you need to have him around to be happy, every time you have a problem you end up talking to him, every time something happy happens in your life you want to share your happiness with him. That is why Ritsu, that you are so deeply in love with Takano, even if you don’t want to admit it.


That girl sure is pretty, why do gays get all the prettiest girl? they don't even want them !

Takano is doing the right thing in acting so pushy, because as he said, if he would not push Ritsu to do stuff with him, Ritsu would never propose it himself, even if Ritsu secretly enjoys it just as much as Takano. Ritsu had such a difficult path of relationship that he simply cannot seem to believe in love anymore, he lost all his confidence in eventually finding real love and now since he is in love with someone he actually really care about, he cannot believe that his love is real and he doesn’t want to hurt himself or Takano. I have no idea what Ritsu will need for his heart to finally open, but one thing is sure, Takano can be really happy right now, because he has the confirmation that Ritsu his deeply in love with him.

I don’t know how Ritsu will get rid of his fiancé, but usually when you tell her that you are gay they kind of understand that it is not their fault and that there is nothing they can do about it. Of course it will be a shock, but at the same time he is an editor in a shoujo manga company, you can’t really say you never saw it coming.


I really loved this episode of Sekai-Ichi Hatsukoi, for some reason I love this show much more during this season compared to last one. Everything seems less forced and rape-y. I don’t regret changing my mind and covering this show, I’m glad I did.


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