Mawaru Penguindrum Episode 18

The episode started off with a different approach of animation style. Instead it was much like a painting, discussing about Tubaki’s childhood as a caged bird.
Tubaki crushed his own fingers to prevent himself from playing the piano ever again in hopes his mother would give him love and affection and pity him for being unable to play the piano ever again- but that plan failed and ended up abandoned.
Overall this was just overwhelming.
When Himari was about to sacrifice herself so that she can release the burden on her brothers’ shoulders, I was like, “DON’T JUMP!” I was choking up.
Kanba also went to extreme measures, his hand is going to take a while to heal. 🙁
But now, thanks to Tabuki, we know the truth behind the money. Their parents (or at the very least their father) is well alive and has been giving them the money that they need for their house and Himari’s medication. However we are not certain whether Kanba actually knows his father’s location, and on top of that, we have to remember Masako’s episode where she had the choice to step into the other cart with Kanba and her father, or remain where she was. So now we know who the shady men are, I think it’s clear that Masako’s father as well, is part of the same organization.
Poor Shouma, while he wasn’t there for the worst part, it’s still overwhelming for him since he again, couldn’t do anything. As stated in the preview, he’s the one saying that according to their promise, he would be the on to recieve/deal with the punishment. Anyhow the whole scenario is very heartbreaking.
Yuri’s and Tabuki’s fake relationship is officially over as Tabuki had used her. However we will never know that in the future whether they may end up together for real, since we do not know what the future holds.
Momoka continues to be the little angel. She saved Tubaki when he was about to die and lost all faith in life. She ended up with a nasty burn in order to pull it off. But man, I love how Momoka makes her entrance! BAMF! “I’M GETTING YOU OUT OF HERE!” However we haven’t, or we might not be able to- see her side of the story. Understand why, even at the cost of hurting herself- go through the trouble to save another. Yes we understand it’s because she has that power and she wants to, but I think there’s alot more behind, a deeper reason. Everyone has a dark side, so Momoka must have one too.


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  1. TimesTicking says:

    I was gonna cry if Himari actually died T.T
    This is just getting crazier and crazier XD

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