Shakugan no Shana Ep 6: BAMF!

This week’s episode focused more on Wilhelmina’s BFF friend who decided to rebel and help her save Shana. And I have to say Wilhelmina looked absolutely STUNNING in Rebecca’s flashback. It’s almost too bad that she wears a maid outfit all the time.
Rebbeca is badass. I love how she prefers ‘unpredictable, risks and illogical descisions’ VS ‘logic, stuck under an order, blah blah blah’. I also love how she just breaks everything and that every time that happens (at least inside a building!), the fire sprinklers go off.
Keisaku was adorakable and was definitely turned out to be a bit more naive than I had expected him to be. I’m looking forward to his return and- you know what? I can see Marchosias messing with him claiming that he has to kiss her to wake up up. I totally see that happening and it would be absolutely hilarious and sweet at the same time.
What? Do I ship them together?
…. I’m not too sure myself. >_>
I’ll figure it out once I complete the marathon of Season 1 and 2 before the next episode (if possible)!
Shana thinks over about how she was scared of Yuuji’s hand. I agree that the way or so the way she saw it, was definitely hostile. It was also sweet to see her flashback with Shiro and understands the strongest power of Unrestraint is Love.
…Only now Hecate decides to crash in and want to get rid of Shana, boy Yuuji/Sairei no Hebi gonna be pissed (or at least Yuuji’s side, we’ll see how Sairei reacts). Ever since the last episode, the Trinity of the Bal Masqué mentioned are not fond of the idea with Yuuji hosting Sairei no Hebi, but they aren’t too worried about him intervening since Sairei will keep him in check…. So it isn’t exactly surprising to see one of them hunt Shana down since she is deemed as ‘not needed’ to be there.
As for Yoshida, apparently she’s going to encounter someone.


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