Phi Brain episode 7: Now might be a good time to drop

Let us see how Nonoha finally obtain her title of Nightingale this episode.

If you are reading this it might very well be already too late, but don’t watch this show, don’t watch this episode. I just lost 30 minutes of my precious life watching today’s crappy episode. I was afraid that the show would get even worse over time, my fear appeared to be founded. The episode was boring, meaningless and overall simply frustrating to watch.

I was wondering why the sub for the show came out nearly 2 days later than usual, but now I understand why. I guess whynot figured out that maybe it was better not in the end.

Nonoha is the star of the episode, but she is such a boring character, to be honest now that I think about it, every character in this show is uninteresting and are flat with little to no personality. If only there was one character with some interesting story or personality, now it feels like I’m just watching a clusterfuck of boring tsundere solving “puzzle”.


Dat ass

And what to say about today’s puzzle? Since the first episode we see grandiose puzzle with multiple dangers, traps and what not. But this episode the only thing that was threatening was that the whole roof could go down at any moment. Was it supposed to be scarier because there were children there? The children don’t bring anything to the story, even if they were all to die it would be at worse only slightly funny. Now that I think about it, it would have been way more fun to see them die, at least something would have happened that I was not expecting this episode. Instead of watching terribly boring puzzle. Rebuilding a skeleton? doing some coloring? give me a  break. If anything it was the first time Kaito didn’t have to use his power, since the puzzle could have been solved by a dead caterpillar.



I just want to move on and forget about the piece of crap I just saw. Even for a show that I had no expectation from, this episode was able to let me down.  I think that might be the only thing this show was able to do up to now. That and giving us yet another androgynous character, just to make sure that I find trap porn of it later on and wonder what the hell I have done. I am at a loss of words to describe how disappointed I am with this 7th episode, so lets end this torture right here, I just want to forget it ever happened.


ZeroG signing off


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