Yu Gi Oh 5Ds Ep 106: RUN BABY RUN!


Hahaha, this was a pretty darn entertaining episode because I was both laughing and going, “OH SHIT!” as the situations changed. It was cool to see Sherry and Mizoguchi all badass with Yusei, so it’s a shame that it had to end so quickly. Surely they would’ve been a SUPER BADASS team for the WRGP if Yusei had joined them. Now that both Sherry and Mizoguchi had wiped out, Yusei baby, RUN FOR IT!

Seriously, I was cracking up how Placido changed GHOSTS route to all focusing on taking Yusei down. It amuses me so much because everyone trying to kill Yusei! As you know, this has been going on since Season 1 because for some reason, the Universe hates him.

Overall, the episode itself flew by quickly since the pace was so fast. It wasn’t a bad thing, but it did feel rush in a sense at times. The animation was also good so it’s a real shame I can only watch it in LQ. I’m looking forward to the next episode as Black Glass is coming back, also probably the one who’s going to save Yusei’s ass from this batshit crazy GHOSTS. He will also be dueling Placido, so that’s something to look forward to as well.

Finally, the GHOSTS are able to be taken down by Synchro-Summoned Monsters as long as they are not directly connected to Yliaster’s Anti-Synchro decks. Actually now that I think of it, if they – or rather, Placido had been so desperate to get rid of Yusei right off the bat, he should’ve just made all his GHOSTS have the whole Anti-Synchro decks. Anyhow, Jose (one of the Yliaster leaders- also the one who set up the plan for the circuit) is pissed off that Placido is moving according to his own plans rather than following his, which is supposedly made to make Yusei stronger. Oh and that’s right, he also mentioned the Momentum! Remember that everybody? We haven’t heard about that in ages, but it looks like the whole ‘Momemetum’ business isn’t over yet. Seriously is that thing cursed or something? First it’s related to the Zero Reverse, then it became the gates to the underworld and now it’s being used for Yliaster’s ‘sacrifice’ plan to ‘save the future’!!!!!!!!


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