Okay so it wasn’t magical or anything, but I couldn’t help myself!
Bruno confirmed that he’s actually Black Glass by transforming into him and then shortly after that Yliaster’s Placido gets all pissed off and transforms as well, only twice because the first time was simply just D-Wheel Mode. On top of that the damn ass decides to cheat when Bruno was going to do Accel Synchro! We also learned the Bruno’s meaning of existence is to stop Yliaster and protect Yusei.
Yusei also receives a new source of power from Clear Mind, and had met the mysterious man (who I just  realized bares a criminal mark on his mask exactly like Yusei! >_> Shit he also has blue eyes, FUCK IS THIS YUSEI FROM THE FUTURE OR SOMETHING?!?!?!) now all there’s left to do is actually pull off the steps to complete it.
So apparently all three members of Yliaster are following ‘God’s’ order and received (or yet to receive) a tablet falling from space of a special Duel Monster that will help them complete their task.
Yliaster was not expecting Yusei to receive new power.
Another important factor is that Bruno revealed another secret about the momentum. Just as I thought, the case involving the Momentum isn’t done yet. As we had learned back in Season 2, the Momentum is living energy that reacts to the player’s heart. However the secret is, a person’s heart has the ability to control it, and that is Clear Mind.
Overall this was a pretty damn good episode. I enjoyed it much because of the Androids abilties and Yusei’s WTF look on his face and Bruno being awesome as he is! I LOVE YOU BRUNOOOOOO!!!!


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