Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi S2 episode 7: Disregard woman acquire penis

Ritsu is soooo cute kawai~~~~~~

I think I just grew a vagina during this episode, it was so cute I was fangirling all over, my room is a real mess now. As much as I hated last episode, I absolutely loved this one, the story progressed so much and the love story is just getting to a wonderful point.


I think he wants to insert his key in Ritsu's lock

Ritsu is finally realizing, finally the 5 meters of thickness all around his heart is thinning enough for him to realize that he is in fact in love. He cannot fall in love with anyone else since he met him, he was always on his mind. Now his body is not even able to deny his love for him anymore, he is screwed, in more than one way.


One thing I have to mention, holy shit Ritsu’s mom is a bitch. A big fat whore, just how much of an asshole must you be to control your child that way? She is more interested in An’s well-being than how Ritsu feels. She call him in the middle of the day, disturb him at work, just to scream at him because of what she heard from An’s mother. And later during the day she makes sure An hears all the bad things Ritsu said, just to make sure he will receive shit at the end of his shift. An is not much better either, she acts all pissed off because Ritsu did not came when he was ordered too and he clearly said he would not be there.


Man up, woman

Why are those girls so stupid? They always blame the guy for all the stupidity that they do. I think that’s what I love the most about this show, there are only guys, even if some acts more girlish than other, they still are way less bitchy than most girl I know that are in relationships. Ritsu gave so much more shit to Takano and Takano never reacted like a whinny little bitch, he was depressed, but he kept it to himself, he accepted Ritsu’s decision or either tried to actively work for Ritsu to change his mind. He never just went away crying and screaming to his mother how bad Ritsu was.


shiny ! they must be neo-vampires


But now things are just wonderful, it seems that the final and biggest obstacle that was still on Takano’s path as been defeated. The only thing left for Ritsu is to completely fall and love and to reveal to his mother and An the person he really loves. An will understand, usually, when the person you are in love with his gay, it is a good reason why they would not fall for you, it is much easier to live with. But than again, the girl on this show are all stupid as hell, so we will see.


ZeroG signing off.

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