Phi Brain episode 8: Dr.Dolittle

I think I finally lost any hope that I could have still had for this show. It is bad, pure and simple. There is no way anything good will ever come out of it. The characters are going in full circle and when there is some kind of development, it is never anything meaningful.

Anna spent the episode talking with deer and painting long lost landscape. It was simply ridiculous, Anna as no purpose what so ever in that show, he is simply the enigmatic trap that doesn’t ever do much. I mean this episode could have worked just fine without him, guess what new scenario, Kaito walk on the bridge, he is about to fall to his death, but Nonoha was there all along because she didn’t had to look around for Anna, and with her physical strength she is able to rescue Kaito. There you go, we just got rid of a useless character with only one minor change in the story and the outcome is about the same. The whole episode was a pure filler, there was nothing of importance in it.


Remember, she's a he, well he's a he...

Kaito solved the puzzle again, he had no challenge what so ever, the only purpose of the episode seemed to be about making the king of puzzle look like a fool. Kaito solved every puzzle with such ease that there was no real challenge ever. He just breezed through the episode and in the end had nothing to prove for his work. But now lets get to the main point here.


That guy is an idiot

How retarded was the manager not to realize what was on the other side of the door for the prize? It was just a wall all along and he was building directly on the other side, of course he knew what was there. It just blows my mind how he would have never realized what was on the other side of the door situated on his own land. It was not a concealed building, it was a gate, a freaking gate and it is not like he was unable to get to the other side, he was already building something there ! How did he managed to make a contract for the construction of something there, get huge machinery equipment to the location, make sure using map that the location was perfect and never realize that he was just on the other side of the gate of the treasure?


Good job bro

My mind is simply blown. There is no excuse for something that retarded in a show about solving puzzle, if you want a great puzzle, there it is, how was the manager that stupid? I bet even with the help of the band of Orpheus Kaito would be unable to solve this one.


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