Bleach 351: Angry Birds

Ichigo is back to the training field and this time, he has to defeat two plushies for the price of one.

Ichigo training is moving forward, he might still be a weakling only able to defeat monstrous plushies, but at least that’s still a lot better than what it used to be. Still, he seems to be learning really slowly compared to what we see, he barely changed his technique for the last fight, he simply concentrated a little longer to create a more powerful attack and he was victorious. I really wonder just how strong he can get with a Fullbring instead of his real soulreaper power, He used to be part soulreaper and part hollow too, now he is just a regular human, I believe that no matter how hard he tries, he’ll never be as strong as he used to. At some point he will have to regain his spiritual pressure, I just wonder when that point will come.


Birds and Pig are now fighting together against Ichigo !

Chad was in danger this episode, but it seemed it was all just a mind game, now everyone will think that Chad is the next target and Ichigo will be picked on instead (Or so I believe). But for some reason I’m sure that Ichigo will become as strong or stronger than everyone else in Xcution in less than 3 more episodes, that’s just what he does best. After all he became stronger than Rukia only a week after he stole her power and he was able to defeat most of the captain of the sereitei maybe only a month after that. So I think 3 more episodes is a reasonable time frame for Ichigo to become the strongest once again. But he will still remain a weakling compared to what he was able to do before.


He's safe! My manly favorite side character

Now it seems like Jackie will be Ichigo’s next opponent, I don’t really like the character of Jackie, she really looks like a loser. She has power but she is afraid to use it and she hates herself. She acts all tough and coo, but in reality she consider herself to be pathetic and she has no purpose in life, she is trying to change who she is because she believes it will bring her happiness, while in fact it is not her power that are holding her back, it is simply her lack of confidence. Now she’ll face Ichigo, she will most likely destroy him, since Ichigo still don’t really know how things work with his newfound power, but the guy knows how to fight, so even if he doesn’t have the speed and strength to win, he should have the endurance to receive some good punch and kick. I’m wondering what kind of power Jackie has exactly.  She looks stronger and faster, but that can’t be everything. I’m sure she’ll have something more interesting to show us next episode.


Those boots don't look dirty at all

ZeroG signing off

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