Yusei challenges Placido, enraged to see him destroying the city and desperate to stop him. Despite having strategically duelled to hold out against the Machine Emperor aka Anti-Synchro monster, Yusei quickly finds himself in a state of panic and attempts to achieve Accel Synchro. However due to Placido’s remarks about the Zero Reverse and his father, Yusei finds himself conflicted and uncertain about his actions only to result being unable to achieve Accel Synchro and loses Stardust Dragon.

The best thing about this episode was the fact that Yusei failed to achieve the Accel Synchro and has totally snapped. He starts freaking out about the city being destroyed , fearing the Zero Reverse is about to happen again, and this is what hits Yusei the hardest.
We’ve seen in the past that whenever the Zero Reverse, or his father subject is brought up during a duel or just in general, Yusei tends to breakdown as he is very much emotionally unstable about it. He’s sensitive, and these one of the few times that we see this side of him. The last time we did was during the Dark Signer Arc, the duel against Rudger where we learned why he desires protecting the city so much and the buden he had been carrying on his shoulders all his life.
Bruno amused me so much because he looked so proud of himself for taking care of all the weaklings. Placido continues to entertain me with his ‘pawns’ talk, having taken Skiel monsters  from Luciano deck, and playing the mind game of causing Yusei to worry and become uncertain about his actions.
It’s good to see Aki awake sooner than I had anticipated, but I doubt she’ll be dueling any time soon. At the same time Aki has realized that she is losing her Psychic powers. It’s real bummer because her Psychic powers are what makes her so badass and wicked!
I have to laugh about the little girl who hates storms, or just thunder and lightning in general is still standing by the window. You’d think she’d go elsewhere if she hates it so much. I know I would.


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