Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai Ep 10: Summerhouse Days


Sena takes the Rinjinbu over to her summerhouse to stay, and everyone spends time at her private beach as well as in the area around the summerhouse. One night, Yozora tells a ghost story of friends and betrayal, and Kodaka ponders back to his time with Sora when he was younger.


It was probably a good thing that the beach the Rinjinbu visited this time was a private one, because if they had done anything like what Yozora did to Sena at a place like the swimming pool, I think Sena would have died of shame xD Of course, sadist Yozora would have loved it even more. She’s already looking down on Sena in that position while being trodden on after all. And Sena didn’t even NOTICE that it wasn’t Sora’s hand until about halfway through!

Sena continues to be BokuTomo’s resident fanservice character, and people that hoped the streaking incident wasn’t going to be the last of it would definitely have been pleased at this episode too. Once again BokuTomo goes to the very extreme of things without any actual shots of full nudity, but AIC doesn’t seem to realize that there’s a very fine line between all of this – it’s already pretty much as NSFW as it can get, why not just do a Yosuga no Sora or something? (i.e. start off with light, closet-view scenes, then go: OH YEAH, WE’RE ON AT-X! pulls out full uncensored scenes) Unlike Manyuu Hikenchou though, I love how its just nipples that AIC censors, and they pretend that everything else is fine xD

As a standalone picture, this would probably make it onto a hentai site.

I have no idea how long the Rinjinbu actually spent there, but I’m sure it wasn’t just one day. It was pretty amusing to see them all slowly adjust to rural life, and watching Kodaka become somewhat of a country farmer guy o.O As far as I’m concerned, the ghost stories were all a bit of a laugh, and Yozora’s one did seem slightly scarier at first, but nothing anyone can’t handle. I was a bit surprised though, that there was some element of light horror at the end there, wasn’t expecting that at all. In terms of “Shumai of Horror”, that was actually elaborated on in the manga, in which the main character actually dies of fright, because the shumai were…STUCK ON THE LID!!!


Right, moving swiftly on. Towards the end, we were all reminded that in the end, BokuTomo is a harem show, and the chances of Kodaka actually getting together with one of the girls is pretty meagre, even with the different headstarts that both Yozora and Sena have. I can’t believe every single girl would want to randomly go to the toilet during the night though, especially Yozora who was scared of her own story xD On the whole it wasn’t too bad an episode, but I guess I’m still waiting for something big to happen. Hopefully it’ll be worth the wait – they hint at Kodaka’s past more and more each ep!

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