Mawaru Penguindrum Ep 23: Deal with the Devil

OMG RINGO! NO D: D: D: Oh god, please only be unconscious!!! SHESH WHY DIDN’T YOU THROW THE DAMN DIARY INTO THE WATER?! Well maybe you couldn’t get up, BUT STILL!!! You know I was half expecting the damn thing to suddenly be engulfed in light and lalalalaladidida~ Momoka would appear before them LIKE A PHOENIX RISE FROM THE ASHES!!!!THEN SHE’D DO HER EPIC BAMF ENTRY AND GO, “I’M TAKING YOU DOWN THIS TIME BITCH!”
Sanetoshi is the curse, the actual living damn villain who hates the world and wants to wipe it out. He won Kanba over by proving that he can create a miracle using Masako who had died and brought her back to life. However I am convinced that with not only Masako’s warning about how the world and fate cannot be changed by Houdini’s magic but also it’s not going to last, period. It was only for the moment. … But if that’s the case, Masako will die no matter what. ;A; Noooooo~
So what had happened, Momoka was only able to cast half of the spell as had Sanetoshi did. Momoka is divided between to two hats, and Sanetoshi has been divided into the two little rabbits. She also mentioned to Shouma that only he and his brother Kanba can save the world from Sanetoshi’s plans, however… Shouma must cleansed Kanba’s corrupted mindset and somehow work with him as well as finding his own Penguindrum.
I think there’s a strong connection between Kanba and Shouma as by the end of the episode we saw that they were both inside the box as a child. Sanetoshi mentions how the everyone lives inside a box… I suppose there’s a possibility of both Kanba and Shouma escaping those boxes together.
There was a little moment for Shouma and Ringo, but the whole narration involving the conversation Shouma had with the doctor threw off the mood. Then Himari who had passed on was speaking with Shouma and kissed him. It wasn’t physical, but merely a dream- so I don’t know what to think about it.
Overall, again this was another quiet episode. Nothing was over the top with explosions everywhere and hell breaking loose. It was solid and efficient, wrapped up the mysteries behind Sanetoshi and his relationship with Momoka as well as explaining exactly how Momoka died.
Next week is the grand finale, and boy I’m already getting the shivers. This is going to be insane! Lets all hope  this show will end well, because it absolutely deserves a good conclusion!!!


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