Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai Ep 12 [Final]: Friends


Yozora reminisces over the day Kodaka first transferred in, recalling that she recognized him immediately on sight. She explains her reasons to Kodaka, saying that this revelation won’t change anything between them um…it really should. Only Sena realizes Yozora has cut her hair, and club activities resume as normal for the Rinjinbu – a club for making friends.


Awwwww, where’s that anime-original ending I was hoping for? Unless you’re in the Sena camp, it has to be Taka x Sora all the way people!

While a good portion of the episode was made up of flashbacks through Yozora’s perspective, it was pretty amusing to see her train of thought – even after 10 years, she’s still too shy to approach Kodaka first, which was an identical situation to what happened all that time ago, when she didn’t want Taka to see her in a dress. I approve of the deredere Sora xD

I was slightly pissed at Yozora telling Kodaka to call her Yozora as he’s always been doing, on the grounds that while Taka and Sora were best friends, Kodaka and Yozora are not. Calling her Sora would actually give her an advantage over all the other haremettes, so why she’s against it I have no idea. I would hardly think she would be one to care about fairness or morals, given her treatment of Sena and Maria xD It’s clear why she was so against Sena joining in the first place now – the Rinjinbu was meant to be a club for herself and Kodaka. Aww isn’t that sweet ^^

Trust Rika to immediately think Yozora was some kind of kouhai bishie that randomly turned up with Kodaka, while Sena actually recognized Yozora o.O Must be all that malicious intent between them.

Pretty much a closure ep to Kodaka’s childhood here, and Bokutomo’s finale manages to go out on a positive note. I don’t think any of them would admit it, but when I look at the Rinjinbu’s club room all I see a group of friends (albeit a very weird group), which was, in essence the point of the entire club.  And just maybe you can spot a harem there too, a quite well-developed one at that. There may not have been a Taka x Sora ending, but each member turned up as a loner and are now accepted in their own circle of friends, which is good enough for me.

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