The iDOLM@STER Episode 3: First Steps


The idols at 765 Pro head to a summer festival in a small town to perform at a mini-concert there, aided by the Producer. While all the girls are helping out with various jobs during the concert, Haruka, Yukiho and Makoto are the main singers for the show. However Yukiho has a phobia for both men and dogs and has to overcome this before she can perform for everyone.


Believe me, I shared the girls’ disappointment when they found out that the concert they’d managed to arrange and was looking so forward to turned out to be in a small village…close to the middle of nowhere. I can imagine how hard it is to find performance opportunities in the first place xD It’s these kinds of small concerts that will help boost 765 Pro’s name though, and hopefully from this they’ll experience a jump in popularity. That, as well as when the Producer manages to get a higher budget for the company.

Producer, Yayoi is disappoint.

It was a Yukiho-centric ep this time round, with her fear of men nearly bringing her down – I knew she was scared, but I never guessed it would be to that extent, seeing them as alien-like things. Hell she was even scared of poor Producer at the start xD I got some good laughs out of her running away from every male in town, as well as how both the Producer and herself were afraid of that tiny puppy ^^

Unlike Arashiko Yuuno from MM! though (who has the same condition) Yukiho ends up somewhat fixing her fear with that daring outfit. Good on her! For a young production studio, 765 Pro does have some talented idols, and pretty much the whole OST (both game and anime) is fun to listen to. We haven’t seen the potential of all the other idols yet, so that’s definitely something to look forward to.

PS. Thank goodness Yukiho had a better fashion taste than Ami, Mami, Iori and Yayoi did last ep. I would have LOLed so hard if she’d turned up like how they did.

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