Chihaya’s traumatic and emotional past involving her little brother is revealed through a scandal gossip thanks to 961 Pro’s President who found the material to expand on from the photographer who was providing the ‘sources’ for Takane’s scandal.


Oh my god, I’m sobbing, oh god!

I can’t…
This is too much!



I broke into tears when she started singing and smiling! Oh god, it was so emotional it was killing me. (WHERE ARE THE TISSUES?! I NEED TISSUES!!!!) Like from start to finish my heart ached as if it was twisted i a knot. Oh god, this was so emotional. I never suspected this show would make me cry like it did- Vantage you were right, I did cry and I forgot to supply some tissues for myself. *Sniffles*
Haruka you have earned my respect. You are such a good friend, I’m glad Chihaya has a friend like you! I know you stick you nose into other people’s business often, but this was exceptional because Chihaya needed someone because she couldn’t rely on her own parents due to their circumstances.
I was so happy Haruka ran onto stage to support Chihaya, and then shortly followed by the others. The lyrics of the song broke my heart. It’s definitely the best song yet and also, by far- the most emotionally connecting I’ve felt in a very long time (besides Uta no Prince-sama). If i had  watched this show in the summer in the first place it wouldn’t have been so long ago…
This episode was so good, in fact no scratch that – it’s the best one yet. It was bittersweet, but it also made me so happy that I decided to give this show another shot, because my god, it was worth it and I’m hooked.
It was about time that  961 Pro idol boys realized that the boss doesn’t give a damn about them and what they think of his methods to increase their popularity. Well at least it proven that they aren’t that stupid, since they managed to gain from evidence and clue in on what the hell is going on.


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    Best song in Idolm@ster XD
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