President Kuroi’s next target turns out to be Takane, who he sends a cameraman after to uncover her secrets. The cameraman manages to grab a few photos of Takane talking with the owner of the Elder Records company, which the media assumes as Takane negotiating a transfer. Takane manages to sort out the misunderstanding though, and as the cameraman tries to shove more dirt onto her, he follows Chihaya instead, catching wind of her past and exposing it to the world.


Come to think of it, we know pretty much next to nothing about Takane, her background, or anything else about her, and neither does 765 Pro. Obviously President Kuroi would think that she therefore has a secret, but I’m sure Takane is a wonderful person with nothing to hide shot for the Amagami reference

The fact that she is pretty alert to the cameraman trying to steal shots does hint that she IS hiding stuff, and the way she uses flowery words in her sentences indicates she’s some kind of high class ojou-sama that owns several mansions or something. She effortlessly pwned that cameraman though, fake gun and all. And some credit goes to the ever-trusty Producer I guess, who is now a lot more reliable!

I actually thought the cameraman would highlight an illicit relationship through the pics that he took of her and the Elder Records owner, but as this is a friendly show they toned it down to being a transfer between companies. Which wouldn’t really make much sense at all, seeing as Takane’s just recently started gaining popularity through 765 Pro, and has friends in that agency. All the other idols were certainly suspicious as well, but it’s for the better that everything turned out to be one huge misunderstanding. Anyway, the mystery behind Takane was easily sidestepped by the start of the Chihaya mini-arc, in which we finally get the full picture of her tragic past.

The media can be a sick, sick community sometimes. I mean, stalking following a girl into a graveyard, seeing her visit a grave then take shots of an argument about a delicate topic? The fact that this was all engineered by 961 Pro makes it even worse, since they’ve really gone too far this time. At least Jupiter finally realize that Kuroi was stringing them along as “pawns” too, and boy are they pissed.

Get ready your tissues everyone, the next episode will be one hell of a depressing one.

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  1. TimesTicking

    She reminds me like a ninja ^^
    It feels like Takane doesn’t belong in this anime but other times she does O.o
    I wanna know more about her XD

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