Azusa ends up sick and Ryuuguu Komachi needs a replacement. Iori and Ami come up with an idea to have Ritsuko step in for them since she has lots of experience as a former idol.

It was so cute to see Ritsuko’s fans come to the performance to watch thanks to Iori’s and Ami’s special request to invite Ritsuko’s fanclub. It was also hilarious to see Iori and Ami have revenge from the training of hell Ritsuko had put them through, they were pretty thrilled about it.
I was really proud of  Miki saying that Ritsuko would be better than her for Ryuuguu Komachi. That was really mature of her!
Overall this was a fun episode! I was wondering since I’ve seen the first OP as well as the second one about whether Ritsuko was ever really going to get a chance to perform since she’s a producer. Unfortunately i didn’t appeal to the song, “Lots and Lots”, it was pretty repetitive.
I don’t have much to say so this will be it.


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