This marks the end of Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi Season 2 and now it is time to figure out just how good or bad the show really was.

Animation & Art

The show is really nothing special in term of animation, it is really simple and there was nothing close to impressive. The focus was put elsewhere and therefore visually, this show was boring. Even some of the other generic anime this season had better art. I’m not a big fan of the use of silly cartoony visual to express emotions or actions. I find it childish and shallow. And this show used those a lot, so I’m really unimpressed with it.

Rating 6/10


 The characters were good for this show, they felt human and believable. Some people might say that they were exaggerated, but those people simply lack experience in life. The had their way of doing things, their qualities and their problems. Nothing is never as easy as it seems, people often decide to do things the illogical ways, for very important reasons. This was well illustrated in the characters of the anime. The one thing that bothered me with the characters in the show, was that there were too many that were shown that we had to care about even if they were presented only for 1 or 2 episodes. I wish the story was always only about Takano and Ritsu, because all the other couple, I couldn’t care less for them. It felt like filler story with filler characters. It was disappointing.

 Rating 8/10

 Original Sound Track & Opening/Closing theme:

I don’t even remember any of the songs and I listened to them 12 times, so I guess they were not all that memorable. Music was not the forte of this show. It was not completely horrible, but it was still worse than average, so I can’t say anything good about it really. I mean, my ear never fell out and blood never came out of my mouth while listening to the themes, but they were not fun to listen to in the least.

Rating: 4/10


The story was decent for the show, but it was a little too stretched for my taste, yes love story like those takes time to settle. But this is an anime, not real life, I need to see something new and exciting every episode, not just the same old every time. It was interesting to see things progress little by little, but if they were to get rid of all the stupid filler, the show could have been an excellent one season yaoi romance and I would have given a much better score. But now the fact that there were so many fillers…it was really depressing. At least the story for the main story was great and I loved it very much.

Rating 6/10


Overall Entertainment Value

The romance was pure gold in this show, I could care less that it was a yaoi, the romance felt real. The story made sense, the emotions were believable and could be understood. I think emotion and love are the key words to describe this show. It was the only thing that was amazing about it, and it was really well done. But unfortunately with only one redeeming quality, if you don’t get into the romance going on, the show is absolutely empty. The jokes are nothing worth your time and therefore the only fun thing about the show is the romance. As much as I like the romance in the show, I do know it won’t be appreciated by everyone and therefore, I can’t give more than a 7/10 for it.

Rating: 7/10


 Mediocre art and music, a show filled with filler, too many characters I don’t care about. A show with only one redeeming quality is not something worth your time. I loved the romance, but some people will hate it because it is yaoi or because the character are really stubborn and it can feel like they are going in circles most of the time. While they are indeed going in circle, it is because after all, most of the time love is all about going in circle a couple of time. If you like yaoi romance, this show is quite interesting for you, but otherwise, there are better romance show and there are better yaoi.


Only watch this show if you are looking for a romance yaoi, otherwise there is better things to watch no matter if you like romance or not.

Final Rating: 6/10

 ZeroG signing off