Makoto has a run-in with 961 Pro and Jupiter while on a talk show, and gets further provoked by President Kuroi. Later, tired of being called a “Prince”, she goes on a date with Producer to an amusement park, where she is treated like a princess instead.


Way to go Producer! You manned up and took that hit for Makoto xD I now respect you a bit more (whereas I lost respect when you were scared of that little puppy). Raised a Makoto flag there as well. Those yankees would have been in deeper shit if they’d actually punched Makoto, with her being both a girl and a well-known idol. But it was still hilarious how those scared girls suddenly went fangirl mode and started glomping her. Same with the fangirls from when Makoto was walking to the office in the morning.

I can see where she’s coming from sometimes, especially since it was the doings of her dad that had her grow up as a guy instead of like the girl she really should be. That’s actually pretty sexist of the dad to deny Makoto her gender, to the point that she wants to wear skirts and dresses all the time. I actually did think she was a boy way back in episode 1. However, this is kinda what makes her stand out, her unique attribute among all the other idols. Which is a good thing, of course.

Touma and President Kuroi are complete jerks as usual, even after we got a hint last episode that Jupiter doesn’t really know what Kuroi is up to, it doesn’t seem like they care too much either way. Right now they still think that 765 Pro are the ones playing dirty tricks (though nothing was ever specified) and how they’ll respond if they ever find out what Kuroi is doing we still don’t know. From the 765 Pro perspective, it’s just Jupiter provoking them, with the 765 Pro idols not having done anything.

Also it seems like only Touma really cares a lot, whereas the other two seem cool with it xD Or maybe they’re raging inside. Love how both Presidents of 765 and 961 never have their faces shown, and we can only guess that they’re pretty old, from the past they shared together. Well, it has to be resolved at some point – we can’t stay in this huge misunderstanding forever.