Hibiki gets in an argument with her dog Inumi who claims to be representing the companions in their household as having refused to eat their breakfast. Hibiki then goes alone for the show ‘Break Out! Animal World’s Animal Explorer Squad Segment!’ and despite having been warned by Producer to be wary of  any suspicious activity since  961 Pro are going to show up as guests, wounds up separated from the crew and falls down a cliff. Hamuzou return to the studio to seek help from Inumi to help her be found.

Well this is a surprise. I wasn’t expecting the boys to not realize what their boss is doing. They are being brainwashed and fed with information claiming that 765 Pro are the ones who are using underhand tactics to become successful. I know at the very least Touma is an ass and has a pretty nasty attitude, he treated people (at least Haruka) like shit when she was still a ‘nobody’ in the media world. The other guys, Hokuto Ijuuin in particular perked my interest that he might be a bit more friendly if he was given the chance to talk with one of the girls (of coures it varies on who that girl is because one could make the situation worse). It looks like he shares a similar passion as Hiibki as he was pretty fond of the animals (or rather that Ostrich) on the filming site. I also wonder that maybe the group itself isn’t that well, obnoxious as they are portrayed to be.
Someone kick me, I kind of want romance blooming between one or two members of 961 Pro with the girls from 765 Pro. I’d totally love that. FORBIDDEN ROMANCE, RIVALS~ *SHOT*
Now about Hibiki. This episode was devoted to her and I really liked it. I ended up drawing a tear from my eye because I am a sucker for animals that care about their owner and are the sweetest companions in the world. It also made me get teary when Hibiki realized that her companions were sad that she wasn’t devoting as much time to each and every one of them because she has been so busy lately. It hits home for me because it brings back memories about my past companion who passed away last October. It’s also one of the reason why I want to spend so much time with my new puppies because the most unexpected turn of events can happen anytime, and if you don’t spend the time with them as much as you possibly can, you’ll regret it, big time. It’s really a life lesson, except for Hiibiki in this situation, wasn’t as depressing as my own.
Overall this was a good episode. While it had focused on Hibiki it had lots of good development involving our new antagonists. I was also glad to see Producer be able to come face to face with  961 Pro’s president, Takao Kuroi.
OH YEAH, gosh I can’t believe I’ve completely forgotten about it!

It looks like the ‘family circumstances’ involve a death of her younger sibling, who appears to have been hit by a car. Her sibling’s death may have also triggered her parents to be divorced. So poor Chihaya is feeling down because it’s the last thing she wants to think about. ;A; Hopefully the next episode will continue where this left off.


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