Kotori watches an episode of Are We Live? Sunday! in which Hibiki gets lost, Yayoi messes up the weather, Haruka gets hit by a box lid, Miki flirts with the Producer while on air, Takane goes on a ramen expedition, Yukiho fangirls over Makoto in bishie outfits, and they show the promo video for 765 Pro’s upcoming mecha movie.


ARE WE LIVE? SUNDAY! studio cheers

I think that was the most hilarity we’ve ever gotten from an iDOLM@STER episode yet, with the whole thing being a bunch of amusing mix-ups and mistakes that the idols made on air. I’m surprised they’re actually now famous enough (thanks to President Takagi’s reporter friend) to air their own TV series, and on a Sunday slot as well. Media works wonders sometimes o.O

In any case, they weren’t lying about the Are We Live? website, they actually went and put a clip of Haruka getting smacked by the box lid, as well as the various segments of the show and the advert for the Overm@ster Kisaragi movie. I laughed so hard at all the theatrics, especially when the Azusa mecha used her boob attack on Chihaya’s mecha (who was noticeably as flat as a board, literally). I kind of want a Kisaragi mecha keychain now. Haruka was pretty surprising as the antagonist, I didn’t think she would fit in so well o.O Also, scantily-clad Takane and Miki for the win xD

It would have been much less entertaining if the idols hadn’t messed up, with Yayoi’s weather reading being jumbled up and Haruka not managing to open the ice-cream box definitely being highlights – Chihaya sure thought so. And I’m sure everyone cringed when Miki called the Producer “Honey” while on air T_T She’s so much more docile now, and it’s very obvious she has a thing for Producer. Other segments were just naturally funny, like Takane going on her ramen expedition and outperforming Naruto or AmiMami-chan wearing Haruka’s hair ribbons. Oh and Yukiho was the most energetic she’s ever been, with her fangirl side awoken and dressing up Makoto in various bishie outfits.

Ami + Mami = Amami!

It’s a good thing everything was full of laughs this week, since next week it looks like its back to more Jupiter + 961 Pro trying to ruin things for everyone. Beware of the evil guy in the purple jacket Hibiki!