The holidays are over and the fillers are over too, time to go back to see how Ichigo is progressing with his Fullbring Powers.


I found this episode really great, but I have no clue if it is because I hated last week filler so much that this episode looks great in comparison, or if the episode was actually great. I enjoy seeing Ichigo get mad and see his power evolves in the way it did this episode, While he did complete his fullbring, I do believe that this is not the greatest achievement of the episode, the greatest achieve really is that he can see spiritual pressure again. To be a human with fullbring power might be awesome, but compared to that lame fullbring power, if Ichigo can get his spiritual pressure back, he’ll be in good shape once again.

I think you have something in your eyes

There is one thing that I loved hearing this episode, it was Inoue declaring that she wanted not to be a burden for Ichigo anymore. If she goes through with that, it would be amazing, I still remember Ichigo’s fight against Ulquiorra and I clearly remember that while the fight was incredibly awesome, It would have been even better if Inoue was not standing beside them and screaming “Ichigo!” 25 times per seconds for 6 episodes straight. That girl was so useless in combat it was really sad.  Now if she could at least not lose against a nameless hollow it would already be a great achievement for her. Having a support character is alright, but there is always a limit how huge boobs can compensate for personality and usefulness. From the look of it, she really improved a lot since we last saw her, in the past her shield would have been unable to take Ginjo’s direct hit. But now, not only did the shield took the hit, it even reflected the damage, it is amazing improvement for our favorite double D character.

What is this? Inoue doing something useful? I can't believe my eyes

Meanwhile, we have no clue how much Chad improved, but he was already quite badass in the past and now he is most likely even more powerful than before, I really do wonder just how strong that guy has become. He was unable to catch up with Ichigo’s power of course, but Ichigo was the strongest man alive when Aizen was still around, so it is difficult to feel powerful when you compare yourself to that. But Chad had the power of a second seat before and now I wonder if he can reach the power level of a Captain. I guess we’ll be able to see it for ourselves soon enough.

Super Spermatozoid attack !

It must be only a question of time before Ichigo completely regain his shinigami power, but I do wonder what will happen to him if he is able to uses Fullbring power, Shinigami Power and Hollow Power. I just feel that he will become way too powerful to find an enemy that can seriously threaten him. But then again, it would be easy to make someone really powerful appear out of nowhere to contradict my statement. I guess we’ll see soon enough.

"I was weak, but now I'm a zebra" - Ichigo

Now I want to see what will happen next week and just how powerful everyone has become. Hopefully their power won’t be too disappointing.


ZeroG signing off.