Brave 10 Ep 4: Bittersweet Return

Isanami and company arrive back at Izumo. They investigate the ruins, and despite Isanami’s best efforts to stay strong, she cracks and Saizou has to comfort her in his own gruff way. They discover a hidden passageway in the shrine, where Hanzo and Snake Lady ambush them.

Kakei almost has his virtue taken away (;D), and they’re all saved by Yuri’s masochistic tendencies.

Post-fight eye-candy. Rawr~


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Mouretsu Pirates Episode 4: The Crazy Yacht Club

Well, looks like the yacht club isn’t over yet when it comes to having problems arising on this cruise… This week, a ship just so happens to be targeting them!! Oh wow, what a surprise! I mean, they hinted that fact for 2 episodes already but I totally didn’t see it coming!/sarcasm.

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