Ano Natsu de Matteru Ep 4: Misunderstanding TAKE 2

Kaito and Ichika can’t help but feel awkward and flustered around each other, but the two- on their own manages to come up with a resolution… that is until another misunderstanding arises when Ichika witnesses Kaito hanging out with an older woman.

So this episode, Ichika was freaking out about a misunderstanding between Manami (Tetsurou’s sister) and Kaito.  She decided to stalk them as she was fuelled by her jealousy and eventually took action and teleported into the apartment. It was pretty funny to see Ichika’s more aggressive side that even Rinon is quite afraid of and her fired up passion to make sure she properly fulfilled Kaito’s request for study help and get an average mark rather than barely passing the tests.
It’s no surprise that while Ichika is aware that she does harbor some sort of attraction towards Kaito, she’s concerned about one: the fact she’s an alien and two: she will be leaving at some point.
Kanna! ;A; Oh man. She’s so sweet and despite liking Kaito- she’s still there helping him out to make up with Ichika and gives him advice and support. Without a doubt I’m sure she’s upset, but she’s doing an awesome job at masking it right now.
It was cute to see both Kaito and Ichika use “Boy-A and Girl-B” scenario with their friends.
There were actually a few references from other shows such as the continuation of similar character designs as Taiga from Toradora which Lemon had inherited- the buns in her hair. The next was the Highschool of the Dead– I was actually surprised that they aired the actual footage within the show. That’s pretty badass and makes Lemon’s example back in episode 2 legit.
Now that the school is over, we can can expect things to start getting rough. I’m relatively surprised that it took them four episodes to get to this point, but it’s probably from the base of fantasies taking up the screentime. This gives them eight more episodes to set the conflicts and wrap things up. It slightly worries me, but I’ll continue to have faith in the production team.
Oh and pretty art.
Yeah I like shots like this. 😀


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0 thoughts on “Ano Natsu de Matteru Ep 4: Misunderstanding TAKE 2

  1. This episode was quite similar to the fourth episode of onegai teacher, like of the misunderstanding between them and the jealousy reactions of Ichika. Even when she begins to stalk Kaito.
    Hahaha, when Ichika was strangling Rinon was like this:

    I really enjoyed this episode, it was fun and makes me remember old times. (Yep, talking like and old man)

    1. Thanks for the links.
      Oh my god- O_______o Way too alike…
      I was curious and decided to double check staffs, and turns out Kuroda Yousuke who’s in charge of the screenplay/script for this show also did Onegai Teacher. I guess since it’s a the same writer it does makes the show lack originality and thankfully not a ripoff from another writer, but perhaps this is more aimed for the next generation as Oneigai Teacher aired back in 2002.

  2. Yes, it is the same writer and original character designer, yet (in my opinion) the small differences make the show pretty good.

  3. Yeah after this episode I think I’m going to drop this anime. I picked it up solely because it was by the same guy who did Toradora. And Lemon is quite awesome. I can’t say I’m a huge fan of how things are panning out, and I feel like it is just going to get worse. Other than Lemon I’m not a fan of any of the other characters.

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