Shakugan no Shana III Ep 16: Slow Restart

Shana and the gang wait a few hours in Hong Kong fir their next flight to New York in order to seek aid and pass the message on to the Earth Gods. In the mean time Shana shares her plan and explanation but waits for everyone to make up their mind on whether they will join her in her battle.

Hm… The episode wasn’t bad, but… I have to admit, I found it pretty bland. Today Shana and the others went to Hong Kong and are now heading to New York. The whole dialogue and talking and- well, I mean- it was terribly boring. The only interesting parts were Lamies and Yuuji talking together briefly.
I think that Friagne’s ring will play a role in insuring minimal damage or something and that Lamies’s task of collecting torches after all these years will play a significant role in creating Xanadu. In fact, Shana and Alastor mentioned today that:

“The distortion in the world aren’t caused by Guze no Tomogara using power of existence, they’re caused by devouring humans and the transformation of the power of existence to an unstable state….let’s say every Guze no Tomogara  goes to the new world, and the new world is filled with power of existence. If they continue the save activities there that they have performed here, the distortions will again be created.”

So perhaps all those Torches that he had collected will fill in that gap/help maintain the balance by doing what the Flame Haze do, keeps the human world in balance by having torches walk about and gradually disappear. AND/OR it will be Sairei no Hebi/Yuuji’s one and only most reliable defence (that is if it stands a chance- and has proven to have done so in season 1) against Tenpa Jyousai.
There were a few things that confused me, in particular a trio who are shockingly Tomogara. They are pretty laid back and are satisfied with their daily life of good neighbors and drinking coffee in the morning. I wouldn’t have ever suspected them in the first place if I didn’t hear about the request from Bal Masqué. I don’t know what role they play involving Pheles and it bothered me because of that lack of information (while it’s probably properly explained in the light novel). I’ll be crossing my fingers for an explanation in the future-but it definitely feels unlikely to happen.
Oooh man. Next week, Yuuji is back at home while Shana is in New York. To be honest, I’m kind of worried about his family because our team isn’t there at the moment so… it’s leaving the city pretty vulnerable. In this case, I am getting a feeling this will also be a reason to have Yoshida summon Pheles, but then again Pheles is busy at the moment… and it might be still a bit too early- so we’ll see…


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