Bakuman II Episode 17: Farewell, Nakai

Ohh, manga! Why must you be so complicated to become popular facepalm

Ohai, we felt like being zombies today.

Alright, so this time, we all thought Tanto would be getting a good review because it showed up really well in Next!, however it looks like Ashirogi lost its luck when it came to bringing this gag manga into serialization. That’s right, their manga was not serialized.
We also learned that Business Boy Kenichi was going to be cancelled, while Aoki was lucky and it was her manga in the end that was picked instead of Ashirogi’s. This refusal also pushes back Takagi’s marriage, discourages everyone, and the ending of Business Boy Kenichi causes Nakai to decide “I’ll go live in the country!” because he feels lonely and couldn’t get laid.
Always so enthusiastically awesome 🙂

With this, Mashiro tries to call up everyone to try and bring back Nakai on the right track for like the 5th time now, everyone comes to see him off, and together they try their best to convince him, however it fails and he simply leaves Farewell sadface. Meanwhile, Iwase keeps working on her manga with Hattori, and things seem to be going great.
Miura is then called up to the chief editor with Ashirogi, where we learned that Takahama wants to change editors, because he’s not satisfied of Miura’s work. This turns into nothing as the Chief Editor scares the hell out of everyone by saying that Takahama’s an idiot I’m obviously summarizing here, and meanwhile we learn that the one doing the art for Iwase’s story turns out to be Niizuma Eiji.

Oh man, such an eventful episode! I don’t even know where to start o__o.
First off, I guess I could say I’m kinda glad that Tanto wasn’t chosen for serialization… Honestly, they keep making us doubt it, but Takagi and Mashiro are meant for story mangas. They should get back to writing them right about NAO Yes ok, they want to keep the story going for a long time and if they get them back to story manga it’ll shorten it a lot, but still… sadface. As for Nakai, I’m kinda

You know you're fucked when...

wondering what’s going to happen to him. Is he just really going back to his hometown and never coming back? I have a bit of trouble believing that… I think he’s just taking a break and he’ll come back eventually it always happens.
I also felt bad for Miura this episode. It’s sad to be an editor who tries so much and yet sucks so bad. I kinda wish he’d gone… :/ Ah well, maybe he’ll get better. Eventually. Hopefully. I also wonder what’ll happen to Takahama now that his serialization is over…
But anyways. All this is interesting, however let’s get back on the real topic now, the most interesting one of this episode.
Brought to you by: a conspiracy.

Iwase is writing a manga gasp #1. Her editor is Hattori gasp #2. Her story is amazing gasp #3. NIIZUMA IS DRAWING THE ART gasp #4 times 9000. Ashirogi Muto is SO dead. SO SO dead. Honestly, I’m pretty sure that this girl is the one who’s going to bring back Takagi and Mashiro back on track of “we’ll make something amazing that will get serialized and that Niizuma will like”. They need to get their shit together. And FAST I wouldn’t be surprised if that was Hattori’s plan from the start.
This was such a good episode!!! sobsob Many things happened, it was funny, there were a lot of cliffhangers, I just fell in love with this show even more. I LOVE BAKUMAN. Done No one will ever make me stray on my path. Except maybe the producers if they do a shitty job. Which shouldn’t happen.

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