This episode we follow Ishida the detective and we see Ichigo’s cousin for the first time.


This episode Ishida is putting his detective hat on and his pipe and he scrolled through town looking for clues to see just what the hell has been going on while he was knocked out cold. I was having so much fun looking around with Ishida, I could hear him tell me “Do you see any clues?” and then I would point my computer screen and scream “Yes over there Ishida, A clue, A clue, I see a Clue !”. I felt like I was a real detective with him, I really want to help him find out the criminal behind everything, I hope it is not a super villain in a monster disguise.


Do you see any clue?

In other news, It seems that Tsukishima was really Ichigo’s cousin all along! I never saw that one coming, I always believed that they didn’t knew each other, but now everything makes much more sense. Tsukishima was really only trying to save Ichigo from Xcution all along, but he still waited for Ichigo to regain his power first, this way he can save Ichigo and let him have his power back. Tsukishima really is such an awesome guy. Too bad that Ichigo has such a terrible memory and he has no clue that Tsukishima really is his cousin. Maybe Ichigo received so many hit on the head that he forgot some of his past? I’m not really sure the reason, but now Ichigo is afraid of Tsukishima, he really has it all wrong. How could Tsukishima really be a threat? Everyone loves him and he keep in touch with everyone, he is not like the members of Xcution who are creepy and always try to hurt and fight Ichigo.



Ichigo really his in a bad mood today !

Now I really wonder if someone will save Ichigo from Ginjo before Ichigo does anything stupid. He is already on the edge and try to hurt Tsukishima, so it is only a question of time before Ichigo enters a rampage. Maybe Ichigo will even forget about other people? Maybe he forgot everything because of Ginjo’s secret ability? That might have been Ginjo’s plan all along, to lure Ichigo in, make him forget everything and then proceed to put Tsukishima as the villain while he trick Ichigo to do his bidding. Ichigo is quite simple-minded after all. He will fight anyone if he thinks he is protecting his friends, it is really easy for someone like Ginjo to manipulate someone like Ichigo.


Oh ya, Here is Ichigo's new Power Ranger Suit

In all seriousness I really like where this is going, the show is getting better and I wonder what Tsukishima’s motive is. His power is just as powerful as Aizen’s power, but now Ichigo is weaker and he is all alone. We’ll see just how this will turn out for him.


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